1. What type of text is it? What is its title? Website address?

1. Text type: advertisement

2.Title: Join us—Vacancy Information

Website: /201611/PS-TeachingStaff-Primary%20English%20Teacher.pdf

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2. Who are the primary and secondary target audience? (age, gender, ethnicity, interests etc.)

1.Primary target: The main target groups are those who are interested in finding jobs. More precisely refers to those who want to be a teacher in YK Pao School.

2.Secondary target: It is those who want to find jobs, but not the people who are looking for a teacher, as well as a group of students who want to be a teacher.

3. What are the text’s primary purpose and secondary purposes?

1.Primary purpose: The main purpose of this advertisement is to find the best educators in society to join the YK Pao School.

2.Secondary purpose: The secondary purpose is to showcase the YK Pao School's related culture, and also show that the YK Pao School has the relevant conditions and treatment for applicants. It is also a rich content of the school website.

4. What are contextual aspects of the text important? (year, location, political background, economic background, social factors etc.)

Year: The year has an important role in advertising, and the specific recruitment time is clear. The job seekers will not be able to delay hiring because of the unclear time.

Location: The location of the school also has important content for advertising. Because most applicants usually consider geographic location. They don't want to think about jobs that are far from home when they look for jobs.

Economic background: Wage treatment is an important part of advertising because most people looking for work first look at the wage treatment. Therefore, the background of economic is important for recruiting advertisements.

5. What important language/linguistic devices contribute to the text’s purpose?-register (colloquial, formal, semi-formal, slang), taboo language, emotive language, vague language, jargon, figurative diction, descriptive diction, direct comments, specific details and examples, humour, euphemisms, bias sensationalism, satire, irony, choice of lexis/diction, discourse markers, propaganda, rhetoric etc.

The formal language is required for job recruitment. For this advertisement, the use of language compares norms. Such as “YK Pao School seeks educators who engage and inspire our students, have a curiosity to learn and develop and have a passion for working with young people. Investment in faculty development will support faculty to adjust to the school’s unique program and pursue ongoing growth in their professional skills.” A concise introduction to the school's educators

Descriptive diction is important. A description of the work content and the nature of the work may need to be used in some jargon. This is important for recruiting ads, enabling applicants to understand their professional areas more clearly. For example, in this advertisement, what they want to seek is such a teacher “Solid academic qualifications and teaching credentials and Strong English language skills with bilingual skills preferred”.

Advertisement pay attention to the objective reality cannot appear emotional language. The language of advertisement cannot have too strong emotion, more is descriptive and official language.

6. Is phonology important? (the sound of language, think onomatopoeia)

No. Phonology is unimportant to this advertisement. Because the ads pay more attention to the description of the recruitment details, this advertisement does not relate to phonological problems. At the same time, this is a paper advertisement. It is not like a television advertisement that needs to consider phonology and words.

7. Is syntax important? (sentence length, sentence construction, punctuation)

Important: Syntax is important for this advertisement. For example, in this advertisement, the sentences about the applicant's condition are not particularly long, so that job seeker at a glance at the ads to obtain important information. In this advertisement, at the same time, the structure of the sentence cannot be too complex, so it is not conducive to the description of the advertisement content.

8. Is grammar important? (verb tenses, use of pronouns, the structure of the sentences)

Yes, the grammar of the advertisement is very simple and there is no complicated conditional clause in the advertisement. Because grammar should not confuse the meaning of the content. It should be simple and clear, and should not interfere with the study of the content by creating additional work for the reader to try and understand.

9. What about pragmatics? (the underlying meaning, the author’s agenda)

Pragmatics is not important for this advertisement because the job advertisement use the formal language. Recruitment advertisement is telling the reader about the content and nature of this work. This advertisement does not involve the evaluation of the work content and the value guidance.

10. Is typography important? Why? (a text’s layout, presentation, use of paragraphs, lists, ‘bullets’, font choices, underlining, italics, white space, color etc.)

Typography is important. Typography of YK Pao School recruitment advertisement is very clear, altogether divides into three modules. First, the first module of the YK Pao School teachers introduced. The second module shows what kind of teacher needs. the third module is to describe the related treatment.

11. Visual images, charts, and graphics?

For this job advertisement, the visual images, charts, and graphics are unimportant. Because we see that in the YK Pao School recruitment ads, most of them are language descriptions. The contents of the visual images, charts, and graphics are not available at all.

12. Other striking features? Tone? Style? Theme? Etc.

The advertisement style is very concise, to the viewer can grasp the main content of the advertisement. For example, it is only seven simple sentences for requirements of applicants.

Tone is very important for this article. Because this recruiting advertisement is a search for talent. Too arrogant and tough intonation is not conducive to the introduction of talent.

The theme of this advertisement is also very distinct. The theme is to seeking the teacher YK Pao School needs.

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