Take Me Home by catherine cober

Like Hungarian photographer Brassai, I wanted to capture both iconic imagery and ordinary scenes/people. https://spark.adobe.com/page/j0iMAaOakhqOI/

But while Brassai did his work in Paris, I went with scenes around Morgantown. While only living here for 3 years now, primarily for school, I'm proud to live in Morgantown and the unique blend of urban/nature aesthetics it hosts. Scenery around WVU is featured because WVU is a major part of Morgantown, and you can't take the college out of a college town.

Food is another diverse element in Morgantown. Pepperoni rolls are a icon of the entire state, while kebabs, a common 'drunk food', represent the party school side.

Morgantown legend, Don Knotts (actor on the Andy Griffin Show) (above)

High Street in daylight (below)

Brassai emphasized on ordinary people out on the street, so I took this approach for a regular Saturday night on the downtown scene of Morgantown.

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