Outcome #4 Exhibit Post-test analysis

Common Exhibit for Learning Objective #4: Post-Test Analysis with Office Hours Visit

Objective: Learn and test best practices for preparing and taking exams.

DISCLAIMER: Very little to no time was put into preparing for this exam 🌚

Planning Ahead...

For my next exam, a number of habits must change. First and foremost, I must take the time to read the book! I did not buy a physical book for this class, but I was able to find an online PDF version. I have come to learn that, in my case, physical books are the way to go. Every time I get on my computer, I get distracted by something whether it be social media, or a homework assignment that I think I can knock out really quick, or whatever else. In preparation for our final exam, I will take the time to read the book and set aside 30 minutes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to review the material. It's not that the material is hard, it's just that I tend to either carelessly overlook things, or think too hard about them. This was evident as we went through my exam and saw that I could give the right answers then, but chose the wrong answer on the test.

Reflecting Back....

Looking back, doing this test analysis was probably the best thing I could have done. Not only was I able to pinpoint the root of my problem with overlooking/overthinking the material, I was able to catch an error in the grading of my exam that got me an extra two points added back to by final score! I found the evaluation form useful given that I could see plain as day that I was just careless with the exam. This was also my first chance to actually sit down and converse with my professor, and given how easily and smoothly the conversation went, I felt it only necessary that I interview her for the next exhibit! Here I am "killing two birds with one stone"!

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