Sports Nutrition an athletes eating guide for success


Personalized, one-on-one, or team nutrition counseling for the following:

  • Performance Nutrition
  • Educational Materials
  • Laboratory Services (DEXA)
"We have a lot of healthy choices and it lets me get something before and after practice, so it helps with recovery"
Performance Nutrition
DEXA Analysis

Educational Materials

Fuel Zone

Nicole Jontony, one of our nutritionist, used to compete alongside Ohio State athletes. Now, she helps make sure they have the nutrition they need.

“With myself being here, being able to answer their questions, I can guide them to what’s going to be the best option before or after their practice.”
“I know when the athletes come in and what they have before they’re practicing. I can relate to the feeling of being too full at practice or being hungry in the middle of practice.” -Nicole Jontony

Buckeye Fuel Zones are state of the art nutrition stations where student athletes can obtain optimal fueling choices prior to and post practice

  1. Biggs Athletic Facility
  2. St. Johns Athletic Facility
  3. McCorkle Aquatic Center

**Schott (MIH, M&W basketball) have their own kitchens that we stack weekly**

There are a variety of choices to eat from throughout our fuel zones. We even have the option for the athletes to make their own meals at home, so we post all of our HEALTHY recipes for them to see.

Buckeye Recipes

More Recipes

Sport Dietitians

Sarah Wick, Nicole Jontony, Sean McMickle

wick.33@osu.edu ; johntony.2@osu.edu ; mcmickle.2@osu.edu

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