internet scams by: drew miller

internet frauds means that when the information they give is misleading.


Phishing- this means when there is a attempt to obtain information from a user for disgusting reasons.
credit/debit card fraud- this is when someone uses a credit card to obtain goods but the card is fake.
identity fraud- this means when another person is using your information without your permission.
ip spoofing-this is a trick used to hack into another computer.
Scam story Time

How Steve lost $200,000 to an investment scam Steve had just lost his wife, than he gets an unexpected call about an "investment opportunity." The caller towards Steve acted "very professional" Steve ask the business man questions of why he called him, and the business man responded in the way any other a professional business company would. After the call with the "professional worker", he thinks over this decision, and he thinks to him self, "since my superannuation funds are not going well, I will give this investment opportunity a try." Over the next 12 months, Steve sent his hard, earned money over to the "investment company" and in total he lost $200,000 dollars just to a scam.

Hope you enjoyed! be careful out there!


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