Life of a Teen

The Life of a teen is a simple yet complex life. Different emotions and events take place. Social Media provides a new place for developing trends, many teens follow these trends, while others follow their own.

Animals play a big part in my life, in fact my future is based on animals. I am going to study to become a Veterinarian. Animals have always been a big inspiration for me and taking care of them makes me feel at home.

Snacks are a must have in the teen life. My favorite snack has to be ICE. I love it. My favorite energy drink has to be Monster. Its a teen favorite.

A large part of a Teen's life is school. Knowledge awaits at school but also friends. Many of the friends you meet might be temporary but the memories you made with them will last a lifetime

Then there is your family. Who will always grow with you. Whether you get along or not you will always be connected by blood. This bond will continue to grow through out the years.

There is family that is not connected by blood however. These bonds grow just s=as strong as family. Nothing can break them. We call them friends but in reality they're like brothers and sisters.

Then there is that friend who is above the rest. The one that sticks with you through thick and thin. The one who gives you support when you need it and advice when you have done wrong. She is my Sister, Nurse, Consular, Therapist, she is my Best Friend.

This is me my passions and my ffriends. My story will live on even when I'm not around.

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