The Elements of Design Brought to you by: nicolas mattson P.6 A.C.T

Elements of design are crucial to all versions of digital arts. Everything you create digitally includes elements of design. some examples of commonly used elements of design are line, shape, value, texture, color, and format.

here are two visual examples of the element of design- the line.

This image is made from a series of lines and shapes to depict a fish.
This picture is another example of how lines can show images such as this here giraffe.

Elements of design

here are two visual examples of the element of design- the shape.

Too me, this image shows that us humans can depict images out of things that might have not been meant to be seen such as this heart made out of coffee beans.
Some might see a fresh pitcher of lemon water, or you might see mickey mouse if you pay attention to the SHAPES.

here are some visual examples of the element of design- value.

This painting expresses light values of shade and color.
In this photo, the value is darker; it is seen as more of a shadow creeping around the boarders, focusing mainly on boots on a carpet.

here are two examples of the elements of design- texture.

This photograph connects directly from our mind directly to our finger tips by the use of texture. The shadowing and lighting brings out fundamental views on textures that we can feel with out being there.
This detailed picture of jeans reminds us of the feeling of putting on pants. Since we relate the image to the event of putting on pants, we can almost feel the jeans on our fingertips. This, in my opinion, is a good example of texture.

here are a few examples of the element of design- color.

As we can see by looking at the photo, the saturation in the picture is fairly low.
The combination of light and dark color, high and low saturation, comes together to make this photo look amazing. These colors hit our eye the way they do due to the lighting.

here are the two most common formatting techniques used in elements of design.

This photo is taken with a fish eye lens, the most common lens for skateboarding; but that's besides the point. In using the fish eye lens, it allows you to see more landscape, as you do in the picture due to the lens. this photo is taken in landscape mode.
Here is a fabulous photo of a stunning young man shot in portrait mode.

the c.r.a.p design principles are essential to digital arts. the way you are going to show, publish, and/or showcase your art work. I will now go through the c.r.a.p acronym meaning/definition.

c. is for contrast. here are two visual examples of contrast

Contrast is shown in this image by the small human up close, and the large mountains in the background.
The illest person on planet earth, Tyler the Creator, shows contrast in his clothing by mixing and matching different patterns and colors. By doing so, he has tons of swag.

r. is for repetition. here are two visual examples of repetition.

This is a simple example of repetition. any element can be repeated, and in this case, that element is color and shape.
Repetition is shown here by the pattern of shape and color shown in the laces.

a. is for alignment. here are two examples of alignment

This image directly shows a visual alignment
This photo shows a direct alignment between the glasses.

p. is for proximity. here are two examples of proximity.

At first glance, this picture looks like a portrait of Hitler, but if you look at it in proximity, you see two other faces that are hard to make out, and seem that they don't belong.
The proximity of which the water and the castle lay affects the way my mind translates the image to make it look like the building is perhaps floating.


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