Still Life Research Simon Davies


Photographer Valerie Jordin. Image sourced from

This image I feel is a strong still life not only is it compositional well situated but feel it tells a story. lighting for this image is really soft and could either be from Softbox or even window lighting, detail within this image is great with slight depth of field leading towards top right of image. This image has been used for portfolio purposes but feel it could be used for advertising some like dance classes or something to do with dance.


Lady Millions

Photographer Dennis Pedersen. Image sourced from

I feel this is a strong image, Composition for this image is centred within the frame, with good lighting coming from above and behind with a reflector at front to eliminate front of the bottle, feel this could be a stronger image had some of the shadowing been cropped out leaving the eye to concentrate on product not area around. This image is an editorial image and feel it may have some post-processing with light flare added to edge of bottle top, this is still a good image that shows elegance, expensive taste/quality


Tomato Ketchup

Photographer Henrik Bonnevier. Image sourced from

Like this image due to how it has been created, composition for this image is centred within the frame, with lighting coming from Softbox at front left side, feel this image has had some post-processing done with outline/black added to the number 57 on the glass, also feel it could have had additional reflector added to other side of the bottle to light whole bottle and label. This has been an advertising image and feel its worked well with the creative aspect of the ingredients before production.

Tomato Ketchup

Stuck for words

Photographer David Baker. Image sourced from

Like this image due to subject matter with old typewriter positioned in front of window this giving the impression of using what was seen outside as inspiration. Composition for this image giving the typewriter centre frame also detailing within what's in the image from the dirty old curtain to the dust and dirt on the table, lighting for this image has been all natural coming from the window, this image has been taken just for portfolio purposes as apart from knowing what item is the is nothing else to suggest a make or model for advertising or promotional.

Stuck for Words

Nail Colour

Photographer Andrea Sudati. Image sourced from

This is I feel a strong image, the composition of products to rule of third and the use of the liquid but feel this image has been compiled from multiple images, came to this conclusion due to the lighting on the products and how the shadows should be from the side lighting and lighting from above. still feel image is good strong image for advertising purposes

Nail Colour

Paris Floods

Photographer Arefin Ashraful. Image sourced from

This image is not the stereotypical still life but like it due to composition of the little statue in a puddle with the rain falling and creating the droplet pools around statue. lighting for this image has been just natural daylight, image shows slight depth of field with the focal point being on the droplet pools and base of statue. This image has been created for portfolio purposes.

Paris Floods

GlenGoyne Whiskey

Photographer Chris Lomas. Image sourced from

Like this image and feel its a good strong image for its purpose, the composition of the image is good showing depth of field around the top and to the right of the image. Lighting for this image I feel has been two soft boxes to give a very natural soft light, enough to eliminate the whiskey to give the warm glow and richness. feel this image could have been slightly more appealing had it either been cropped tighter to remove the black distractions from both lower corners or just bounced a bit of light to lighten but main focus is on the product and that's what immediately drawn to. This image is for advertising purposes.

GlenGoyne Whiskey

Aff Your Nut

Photographer Stuart Freeman. Image sourced from

Liked this image and felt it was a fun and creative still life, detailing within the image is good from the drawn on facial expressions and limbs to the textures of the nut shells. lighting for this image I feel has been a single Softbox, this giving the graduated shadow edges. this image has been taken just for creative portfolio purposes

aff ur nut

Time Captured

Photographer Kaas Van Huizen. sourced from

Like this image and feel its well composed showing slight depth of field from front to back, feel lighting for this has either been natural daylight or Softbox, this due to very soft light with no harsh shadows, detailing within the image is good from aperture and shutter controls on camera lens to what's within the photographs that's in foreground. this image has just been taken for Portfolio purposes.

Time Captured

Stella Time

Photography Dennis Pederson, sourced from:

Like this image due to the lighting, this I feel has been done using two lights, snoot for the back ground and Softbox to illuminate the glass and positioned low to give the golden half moon shape shadow, composition of this is main centre framed with great detailing showing the cold condensation of the glass and the overspill foam. One distraction away from product is the reflection in the middle part of the stem. feel this is a good Product/Advertising shoot with a cold refreshing taste.

Stella Time

Advertising Glasses

Photographer Carlton Adkins, image sourced from

Like this image due to composition and the use of colour pop of the glasses, unsure what the lighting in this image has been due to the post processing that has been done on the image. Image has been taken for Fashion/Advertising of the glasses, I'm unsure if the use of models in the pose that they are in works to emphasize that the image is doing or what its for other than with the use of the colour pop.

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