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Orion sits above McArt's Fort, overlooking Belfast. In the middle of Orion's sword lies the fuzzy purple patch that is the Orion Nebula.
The International Space Station flies through the heart of Orion at Ballintoy

What happens when you zoom in a little bit closer to that nebula...?

Top Left: Orion with a 56mm lens. Bottom left: Orion with the 200mm zoom. Right: Orion ... with the tracker!

Star tracker - the game changer!

Overcoming the Earth's rotation with the tracker

The North America Nebula in the Cygnus constellation. The left hand photo is a 7 second exposure with a 56mm lens at f1.2. The right hand one is a two minute exposure at 35mm - with the aid of the tracker. The amount of photons you can capture when you can overcome the limitations of the rotation of the Earth is a real game changer in astro photography.

Milky Way Hunting

The Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland - great for dark skies to the north - not so great for the dark skies to the south where the Milky Way action is...
My first experience of the Milky Way core at the Copper Coast on the southern coast of Ireland. And I was hooked...!

Tenerife Astro

The Calima - the dust from the Sahara that threatened to spoil our astro fun...
The tracker at work in the sky - with the long exposures it allows and (at last!) favourable viewing conditions on top of Teide on Tenerife, this is the kind of detail and colour that you can pull out of the night sky!


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