International Business Tsering Tashi Gurung came to The W to be a resource for his community

As a first generation college student, Tsering Tashi Gurung didn’t have a frame of reference to prepare him.

Traveling from Mustang, Nepal, to attend Mississippi University for Women added another challenge Gurung had to overcome.

But Gurung started his journey with one goal: to become a resource for his community. That idea motivated Gurung to become involved in numerous activities and organizations and to expand his horizons so he could mature into a more versatile individual.

Nearly four years later, Gurung has completed another step in his quest to realize his goal. On Saturday, Gurung earned his bachelor’s degree in marketing from The W. His next step will be to enter the Master of Business Administration program at the University of Mississippi.

“I believe the education I received at The W has laid a strong foundation of business education, which will help me to succeed in my graduate program,” Gurung said. “My family is very excited about my graduation, even though we won’t get to celebrate together.”

After the MBA, Gurung plans to work for several years in the United States and then go back to Nepal. Since Mustang is a very popular tourism destination, he said he would like to open a trekking and hotel business. He also would like to digitize hundreds of local mom and pop shops in his town so that those shops can have a broader consumer market.

Gurung said he knew he wanted to open a business since he was in high school. He said it was important for him to understand the needs of customers better so he could be successful. As a result, he researched possible college options and heard good things about The W from students from Nepal who attended the school.

“The one thing I love most about The W is you have opportunities within your eyesight. You just have to try,” Gurung said.

Gurung participated in many student organizations like the International Student Association, the Student Government Association, the Student Programming Board, the Nepalese Student Association and Mortarboard. He said getting involved in those organizations helped make him a better decision-maker, negotiator and person. He also worked in different departments – Campus Recreation Center, Housing and Residence Life and Student Success Center – and connected with The W’s diverse population, which improved his understanding of people and helped him adapt to different cultures.

Gurung credited everyone he has met in the last four years for helping him along the way. He has received countless support and encouragement from professors and staff members, which has set the stage for a move from Columbus to Oxford.

Initially, Gurung said he planned to work for a year on Optional Practical Training and then attend graduate school, but because of the current pandemic, he decided to go to graduate school.

Gurung enjoys learning about Business to Business and Business to Consumer marketing strategies like search engine optimization, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, viral marketing and others. More importantly, he said he learned marketing strategies always should be target market specific because the marketing strategy that works best in New York may not be a good fit in Mississippi.

“The W will provide you many opportunities for personal and professional growth,” Gurung said. “You will be valued and won’t get lost among other students. Most importantly, you will get plenty of time to understand yourself and plan for your future.”


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