Pierre Gély-Fort ☟ AUTHOR - photographer ☟

Pierre Gély-Fort creates photo books, from shooting to pass for press.

Life Impressions

Without text and legend, hardly a title, the traditional narrative aspects like reportage, documentary or photojournalism are out. Wanderings signed by the author then appear page after page.

Wanderings & Encounters

Geographical wanderings are a pretext for the photo books, and those of its sensitive imagination are the purpose.

Street Impressions

The mix with games of correspondence and the scenography built up from these taken life moments creating a dialogue among the images, and expressing the artistic vision of his wanderings.

We share the author’s modest immersion through his dialogues with the places, as well as this touch of tenderness in his encounters and exchanges with people.

Seaside Resort Impressions

The emotional universes differ from one book to another, but the bond between them is the human being, in particular by the author’s fascination for the appearance of the being that is the glance, and this omnipresent love of the light/color couple.

On a way back from Balkans ...

After training at the Gobelins in Paris and workshops with Klavdij Sluban, Pierre Gély-Fort, dedicated himself totally to the production of author’s books following his encounter with Agathe Gaillard. He is passionate about color photography and the artistic history of the silver-haloid color films that inspire his work.



Managing Director of Galerie Agathe Gaillard in Paris


Warm-Cold Impressions


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