The Harn Viktor Toth

The photograph above is called Cast of thousands. Seeing this in person I realized how many people worked in the mines back in the 1940s. The technique is just black and white which I thought gave the picture age. I saw this is as hard work and a big team effort. It made me feel like we don't have jobs like this anymore and what it must have been like to work back then.

This picture shows the center of the museum. I like the design of the ceiling because the triangles point to the three different sections of the museum. The room is circular with art all alongside of it and one big sculpture in the center as shown. I was intrigued by the whole room and curious to see what else was in the museum.

This sculpture of this outfit reminds me a lot about culture. Culture is different for everyone and every country and even religion. This reminds me of Indian tribes and their different outfits and dresses. I felt happy to see this because it reminded of celebration and happiness. After seeing this I remembered the variety of cultural dresses that this world has and it made me happy to live in such a diverse world.

In this painting we see a river which reminds me a lot of where I live and would spend most of my summer. This reminds me of the celebration theme because my friends and I would always celebrate summer at the river whether swimming or building rope swings. It makes feel nostalgic about the past and how much enjoyment I had on the river with all my friends.

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