Using Personal Values to Set Short- and Long-Term Goals

My 5 most important values: Self-awareness, Monogamy, Rationality, Solitude, and Non-Conformity.

1. Self Awareness is my most important value and I am always working towards mastery of it even so I will discuss my action plan, and how I will works towards this goal. In every situation every action no matter the significance is fundamentally and intrinsically linked to several sub-levels of human consciousness. By analyzing myself in every action I do and having a deep psychological understanding of myself true freedom can be achieved and that is what I will strive for. This is evident for example in the convention of saying "how are you?" while in many cases one might not actually care; the societal pressure to abstain oneself from the judgement of others compels oneself. My goal is to constantly be aware of myself so that I can avoid falling into this bondage that many are unaware shackles them. While this is the second stating of my goal both are one and the same under the umbrella of free will. In addition continued analysis and increased awareness of oneself makes it easier to understand the actions of others. While our judgement is often clouded by subconscious bias and personal beliefs by raising oneself above these values to take a completely unbiased look at your own actions and others greater understanding and the abandoning of ignorance can be achieved.

Monogomy: I have maintained a relationship for 1.5 years now and this is my second most important value because of the importance of a romantic relationship in my life. Long term my goal is to keep this relationship and one day to get married. A relationship is very important to me because It is with a person I can always trust, and my point of view is very negative as I am an avid misanthropist, so it is very important for me to be able to have a monogamous relationship. This is because I generally dislike and distrust most human beings; I would use stronger words but it is unnecessary since I already stated I am a misanthropist, thereby having someone that I do love and trust is very valuable to me as I do not do so with most people. Short term I am just going to continue trying to be the best boyfriend I can be in my current relationship.

Rationality: Rationality is an important value as it guides my day to day decision making. Very little emotion is put into my decision making I prefer to go with the logical choice unless the decision is related to my relationship with my girlfriend. With most other people I do not care but with her I make sure my thinking is not mainly logical but, a mixture of the two. Long term much like my self-awareness I am always trying to improve my rationality especially since the two go hand in hand, as self-awareness leads to rationality. Long term I would use my self-awareness to realize when I tend to revert back to preconditioning, developed bias, and many other sources of non logical thought and annihilate them at the source. For example this can be seen in the age superiority complex that is so common, the belief that with age comes wisdom is unfounded, with age comes experience however, a person's intelligence and/or decision making abilities may be just as stunted. This can be seen quite easily in adults who continually max out their credit cards and while teens most certainly do the same thing as this is about age superiority that is not relevant. This kind of irrational thought leads to poor decision making which is why in the short term I will always analyze my actions and make sure they are completely logical.

Solitude: Solitude is an important value to me as I do not like nor trust other people and in most cases I find socializing annoying. That is not to say I cannot socialize I can easily pretend to like someone however, it is quite exhausting to socialize. Solitude is a long term goal that I will strive towards as that is what allows me to enjoy life If i need to put up with other people so be it as in many cases not interacting with people is the illogical choice. My logical decision making is more important than remaining in solitude so If I know the best course of action is social interaction it will be done. Long term I will strive to always retain my solitude as it is my most enjoyable state apart with notable exception such as when I am with my girlfriend. In many cases it benefits me to be alone in studying and getting work done which is why short term I will strive to do much of my work alone. However, I am not irrational enough to forgo services like PALS.

Non-Conformity: I advocate non-conformity as I believe conformity only serves to breed ignorance. Of course conformity in the work place and school is inexorable and so trying to be non-comforming in either setting is irrational and folly. I believe that conformity is involuntary and unconscious submission to subjugation. The moment one starts to side with a parent, or any other influential person before coming up with an opinion, belief, value or ideal on one's own is the second that free will is being lost. Moreover, the societal belief structure that only specific instances of these 4 ideas are acceptable is tyranny as we are only allowed to be a certain way to be "good people". Tangent aside as non-conformity is very important to me I will make sure most importantly long term that with my self awareness I ensure that I do not fall into unconscious conformity. In the short term there is not much that I can do to exercise my nonconformity as my rationality which is above non-conformity tells me that education is very important and should not be lost in order to preach for 5 seconds.


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