A Little Bit About Mrs.Pascale By:Morgan peltier

About my mentor:

Name: Mrs. Pascale

Building: Kyle Elementary School

Grade Level: Fourth Grade

Content Area: English and Science

Why did you choose to become a teacher? Mrs. Pascale said that she just always felt like she was called to be a teacher since second grade. She explained how she would set up chairs in rows and use her stuffed animals as students to play teacher. She just felt like she would succeed in this career.

Nature of the Job:

What are the major tasks of your position? She advises to know the students. You have to know the abilities of all the students before you just expect them to take on certain tasks. You also have to know the standards and targets, pick an effective way to teach it, and assess them to see if they learned it.

What other staff members (certified or classified) do you consult to help with reaching your students? Intervention specialist, title teacher, co-teacher, other teachers around, principal, and the secretary helps as well.

How are you required to adhere to state or national education-related policies? You are bound by a contract to follow state law, and online training from District. It's sometimes hard to know all the rules, it helps if you have a principal that keeps you updated with changes of rules and additions.

Education and Skills:

What personal qualities and/or skills are necessary to be successful in your position? You need to be organized, resourceful, research, and care. All these you usually learn throughout your teaching career.

What interpersonal skills do you find most important, and why? Listening and empathy. She finds these the most important because you have to listen to your students. You cannot just assume you know about your students, you have to listen to what they tell you. You have to have empathy because you have to care about them. If you do not care about them, then you are not going to be able to teach them because why would they listen to someone who does not care about them.

What do you wish you knew about teaching before you entered the profession? Mrs. Pascale wished that she knew that it is okay to let it take on your life. What she means by this is it is okay for it to affect you. You can take it home with you, and worry about it, because that is what happens when you become a teacher and you care.

How does a person in your position become licensed? You need to have your bachelor's degree and take a praxis test. Then after that you need four years of classes and projects.

Working Conditions and Benefits:

What is your greatest satisfaction as a teacher? When you can see you made a difference which as Mrs. Pascale said, "it takes time". Since it takes time, it is a great feeling when you see that you made a difference, and that you helped them.

If you could, what would you change about your job? She would like more authority to give kids what they need to be successful. Some examples would be pulling kids away to give them more attention, and to also be able to put them in groups, so they can get more help. She would also like more resources, to be able to help teach the kids.


What recommendations/advice do you have for someone interested in teaching? Spend a lot of time in the classroom. The more time you spend in classroom, the better off you will be. You will get more experience working with kids, and it will b easier to get a job because you will have that experience.

What is the biggest challenge you face as a teacher? You cannot give the kids everything they need to be successful. You do not know their home life, you cannot go home with them to make sure they have help with their homework, so you have to do as much as you can in the classroom before they go home to make sure they understand everything.

The End! Thank you Mrs. Pascale for teaching me so much in only five weeks!

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