WWI Tanks By Tyler Ruhl

The tank was first known as the Landship and were first used by the British in World War 1. The first tank verse tank battle occurred between the British and the Germans they both used the Mark 1 but the battle concluded with no winner.The tank was also used in the Battle of Flers and in the Battle of Somme. In World War 1 there were a total of 22 tanks from 1914-1918 in the military factory. The tanks were labeled with flags to show their country of origin.

The idea of the tank originated from farming vehicles but with guns. This is one of the Russian tanks used in World War 1 but wasn't able to move around easily because of how heavy the wheels were.

One of the mobile tanks in WW1 was used by the Russians. It was called the Vezdekhod which was a light track tank made in 1914 and was helpful during trench warfare. The light tank had one main 7.62 mm machine gun with 8mm of armor. The mobile tank can travel well through muddy landscapes and travel up to 26.7 mph.
The tanks role hasn't changed at all really they still are used to attack enemies objectives, shield infantry, and taking out large vehicles or machines on the opposing side. But the whole design of the tank has changed a lot. the tank now a days can travel faster, take more damage because of the new and improved armor, and have a stronger and accurate weapons system.




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