France Jasmin toribio

The capital of France is Paris.

The longest river in France is the "Rhine River" it is 765 miles

The tallest mountain in France is the "Mont Blanc"

All mountain chains in my country (top 3) are "Mont Blanc, Aneto, and Puy de Sancy"

Puy de Sancy
Mont Blanc

The closest ocean to france it the Atlantic Ocean.

The total population of France is 64,938,716.

The biggest lake in France is "Lake Bourget"

France's only mainland volcano is located in Massif Central. There are active volcanoes in French territory in the Pacific and India Ocean.

The geographic coordinates of France are 46 00 N , 2 00 E

The region of my country is île-de-France

The climate in France is like the weather we have here in Kansas - cold winters and hot summers.

Common natural disasters that are in France are floods.

The economic of France is worth $2.737 trillion.

The life expectancy for males is 78.7 years.

The life expectancy for females is 85.1 years.


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