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In an iranian city there is a protest caused from a dust storm that is covering a whole city called Ahavaz. Iran. The cause of this dust storm is the terrorist group called Isis by bombs.

In libya, there is a war among syrian soldiers and iranian soldiers, there is a on going conflict that they are working on resolving, there has been many peace marches to get this resolved but nothing seems to work.

These are the syrian soldiers that are fighting for the peace of libya to let them have there country be unharmed . Many of the soldiers are young boys and girls, women, grown men, and teenagers.

They are trying to get this figured out so there are not constant threats to the country and the people living in it. Many syrians are fleeing the country due to the war.

In russia, there is a current problem between the syrian army and the russian army. Russia didn't bring this upon them self on purpose, while russia was doing there drills and doing there daily sweeps, russia accidently dropped a bomb on syria, this was the cause of many syrian refugees. Also, russia accidently dropped a bomb on us on accident as well, there has been a suspicion rising, USA has been questioning the allied ship with russia.
March 2nd was the renewal of the ethiopian and italian war, in the past ethiopia and italy have had many rising conflict. On the second of March of every year is the defeat of ethiopia.

In the egyptian court, today clears for Hasni Mubarak's the ex president of egypt. There has been many protest and people killed in the protest due to his release.

As he was released thousands of people were made aware of the famish he caused in 2011.

Many protest have been caused due to the release of Husni, not only have there been protest, there has been mass killings caused at these protest.

15-20 million Middle East men and women even children, are going into famish or are in famish. In the middle east there a ton of people who are in starvation or are going into starvation. Some of the countries are trying to stop, or even end the famish in the middle east.
In the middle east there has been a crazy trend going on where they are burning American Flags, these flags are being burned in cause of the Iranian people to show that they don't need Americans to show them what to do. This has been happening since the start of February all the way to now.
In Iraq, there has been a travel ban caused because of the dangers of the war and the severities that are caused there. This law exempts anyone to go to the iraq country of for anyone to leave there.
The Islamic Radical group called isis is being held accountable for the expansion of the group and the cause of the war to lead on to get bigger and bigger and the hate of the country from other areas. The extremist group is still in control of the country.


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