Kilbourne XC's Creative Funding Method By Sean kim

Just like any other sports teams, Kilbourne Cross Country team started raising funds for this season. It all started in early August when Coach Stegman assigned all the runners to sell raffle tickets for 10 dollars per ticket instead of practice one day. We scattered out into the town and tried to sell as many tickets as possible. Our group which was a group of four, had bad luck almost the entire day since we chose the wrong neighborhood: an Olentangy zone where a lot of people weren’t even home since it was Friday afternoon and even the ones that were present weren’t willing to buy tickets since they didn’t want to contribute to Kilbourne sports team. Same thing happened with at the Dublin area. So, in order to raise more money, we had to meet on Sunday afternoon at Kilbourne to go around the “friendly” neighborhood. As a result we made a total of $220. We didn’t think it was a good amount of money still but we were shocked to find out on Monday that our group was one of the groups that made the most. Majority of the groups had barely made $30. For us to buy a winter pullover with Kilbourne XC marking on before the season ends, we definitely needed more money. So one of the team members thought of an extraordinary idea of making money by investing in stocks.

The stock market in mid August wasn’t optimal but it wasn’t terrible either, which meant with proper guidance, we could possibly make some money. So original five members agreed to invest a total of $1,500 in SPHD. The group named themselves as “The Wolves of Hard Road”, as a firm determination to succeed.

The receipt for the stock purchases.

The first few weeks were not promising. 23 original SPHD shares bought at $40.63 each dropped to high 39s and it never seemed to go up again. The investors began to grow impatient but their leader convinced them to wait until it skyrockets. So they waited for another few weeks. Meanwhile, a few more investors joined and it became a total of 25 shares. The investors were waiting until the stock hits at least $43 per share to make 2.3 dollar profit for each share. Then they would donate part of them to the Cross Country team. After weeks of waiting of patience, SPHD finally hit $43 which is a price where SPHD can possibly hit based on the data of the last few years.

The members, after multiple discussions, decided to dump all the shares and gain the profit. The profit was 2.37 per share which was almost $60 in total. Most of the profit was donated to the Kilbourne XC team to be used to buy team winter pullovers for every member of the team. The project was a huge success. Furthermore, the runners were able to gain a crucial experience of the world of investing which would serve as a great reference and benchmark in future investing. Right now, the market is not optimal to pitch extra stocks, but the Wolves of Hard Road agreed to make further investments once the market gets stabilized.