Orangutan Kira W. Lauryn H. Citlaly A.

  • Orangutans are critically endangered
  • Their population went down by 97% in the 20th century
  • They have a habitat in the tropical rain forest which is dominated by trees
  • 1,000 to 5,000 are killed in palm oil
  • The land is set on fire for a cheap way to clear it for new planting
  • The smoke and realease of CO2 from the peat bogs and effects the climate
  • Peat bogs is a land area of dead plant material also known as a wet land
  • Flamingos are quite distinctive
  • They are birds that live in groups of many sizes
  • they live in lagoons or large shallow lakes
  • Orangutans weigh 110-220 lbs
  • There life span is from 35-45 years
  • They spend most there time in the trees
  • Orangutans have these face pads called flanges
  • Usually the male ones have larger flanges than the female orangutans
  • The flanges are made up of mostly tissue
  • They have throat pouches which allows them to make loud calls
  • There color is very unique, Why??
  • Its an orange-reddish brown
  • They often run through rain forest so they get a lot of leaves and grass in there hair

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