Mount spurr By andrew liebegott

Hey it is Andrew reporting from cougar county. Today e are talking about mount spurr. We are here at mount spurr where it has just erupted. Ash is still going everywhere. This has been going on for two days. Ash has covers near by land and city's. Mount spurr is a Stratovolcano. We are at a save space with protective gear. No lava came out just ash and smoke.we have been studying mount spurr for a while and knew it was going to erupt soon. There was smoke coming out so we knew it would erupt. Most of the people fled because of the eruption. The rock is 10,000 years old. The elevation is 11,070 ft (3,374 m. There are 7,560 people in the city near by. The gas killed lots of livestock. It covers most of the sky witch made it dark.

This is mount spurr erupting in September 1992.

These are my sources

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