High Schools Starting Later in the Morning "I need more sleep"

Students are not being put in the best learning environment because they are being forced to get up too early in the morning, leaving them without having academic success due to their lack of sleep.

Students are forced to get up too early in the morning for school

Teenagers alarm goes off, students now are tired and have a bad attitude about going to school

Students are Yawning in class, not able to focus on the lesson being taught

Students are Falling asleep in class, not learning anything

Due to students receivng such little sleep, it is resuliting in Poor academic performance

However, if high schools start later in the morning then students can get the amount of sleep they need and will be able to pay attention in class and learn.
With students receiving more sleep and not waking up so early in the morning, students are now performing better in school and having academic successes.


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