The AToN Center Lulu rivera • Christi Ann rOdriguez

Amenities Provided

They include: individual therapy, holistic treatment services, on–site gym, weekly off–site expose activities, cognitive behavioral therapy, on–site detoxification services, private family therapy

Careers Related to Rehab Centers

Physical therapy, rehab technologist, therapeutic recreation, occupational therapy, kinesiotherapist, addiction counselor

Cost of Rehab Program

$45,000 for a 30 day program

Detoxification Programs

Alcohol detox, benzodiazepine detox, opiate detox

Effects of Drug Abuse & Addiction

How to text, high blood pressure, hair loss, pancreatitis, cancer, infections, stomach issues, tooth decay...

Effects of Drug Abuse & Addiction continued

...gum disease, HIV/AIDS, mood changes, reflexes, alertness, aggression, inability to sleep, appetite loss, hyperactivity, depression, reduced sexual performance, liver disease

Extended Care & Long-term Rehabilitation

Residential detox, outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, after care options offered towards end of treatment. Minimum of 30 days

Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Inpatient hospitalization, yoga, comprehensive psychological assessments, San Diego detox, recovery study work, intensive cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure therapies

Intervention Program

Not available; however they gave us number of two people to help with an intervention: Sherry— (310)-951-3717 and Jen— (916)-529-5466


3250 Country Rose Circle, Encinitas, CA 92024

Outpatient Rehabilitation Options

These include: yoga, meditation, acupuncture, massage, physical training

Payment Options or Financial Plans

Cash pay, or major credit cards, insurance

Physical Conditions

Four houses, large swimming pool, hot tub, various therapeutic rooms, recreational facilities

Recovery Process

Maintaining motivation, coping with cravings, managing emotions, picturing healthy relationships, balancing your life, living with a higher purpose

Rehabilitation Process

1. Intake. 2. Detoxification (detox). 3. Rehabilitation (rehab). 4. Ongoing Recovery.

Residential Substance Abuse Treatment

Inpatient hospitalization is necessary for complicated cases of detoxification; residential detox is for less complicated of detox; residential treatment detox is complete but the person still requires a 24 hour monitoring for physical and mental health reasons

Sober Living Services

They introduce exposure therapy first, then determine if the home they would go back to is safe or not (if not they find Sober Houses for them), and the rest is planned during the rehabilitation process

Staff-to-Patient Ratio




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