Welcome to Ryanburg Unit 3; Lesson 4, book, p 62

Watch the video on the link below the pictures. After watching, write the names of the three places into your notebooks and write in which of those places you would like to live and why.

Go to IZZI, Unit 3, Lesson 4 and read and listen to Ryan talking about his imaginary town Ryanburg and do the exercise below the text.
Capitalisation - pisanje velikog slova. Copy the text below into your notebooks together with the following rule (pravilo): In English, names of streets, squares, bridges and holidays are written in capital letters! (U engleskom se imena ulica, trgova, mostova i blagdana pišu velikim slovom)
Workbook, p 73. Ex 1a (nadopuni riječi samoglasnicima), 1 b (spoji i napiši parove suprotnog značenja), 2 ( prepiši tekst pazeći na veliko slovo), 3 (potcrtaj i ispravi pogreške).
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