Good Life Tour of The Harn By: Angello rennella

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist: This piece by Celeste Roberge is called Geographies. The piece depicts stone and hair wrapped in an egg-like container made of steel, with an accompanying egg structure made of stone. The way the artist wrapped the elements so tightly and perfectly caught my eye. As I walked over to get a closer look, I immediately felt an odd feeling. The way the hair just sat there in the egg container seriously gave me chills. I felt as if the hair was alive, as if it was an beating embryo, waiting for it's hatch to come and set it free. I had to take a moment to reassure my uncertainties of this crazy feeling. Seeing the picture I took does no justice to how I felt standing there and having it within arm's reach. The artist did an excellent job in creating an uneasy feeling inside of me with the way he wrapped the elements. In fact, the artist's intentions (from the description) was to show the origins of life. Not only did seeing his intentions come to life right before me instill wonder, but transferred the mystic unknown that he most likely meant to convey.
Design of the Museum: This specific section of the museum was called Highlights from the Modern Collection. What captured my eye about this wing was the way the walls were set up to convey the art pieces. Most pieces were paintings or drawings of human nature, such as ferrymen fishing or a family selling their produce. However, the way that the pieces were arranged sent a strange message down my spine. Each piece showed a piece of human action, and every piece next to the previous one seemed to tell a continuous story. One drawing showed a landscape of a lone man fishing, the one less than 6 inches next to it of a man with his family, the one next to that one of various families shopping at a market, and so on. The arrangement of the artworks seemed to convey a message of togetherness of human life and a similarity within all of us. The small distance between each frame of work was striking to me, as I believe captured the closeness/togetherness that the pictures themselves conveyed.
Art and Core Values: One of the core values I hold dear is balance. Whether it's balance of school and work, friends and family, or relaxation and perseverance, I believe I owe it to myself and others to keep a balanced life. Upon first laying eyes on this artwork, my core value of balance seemed to be personified by the artwork itself. These metal beams were eerily rigid and balanced upon a structural design that seemed impossible. What this artwork did was help me better understand my core value by informing me that balance in any aspect of my life will never be an easy road; there will be bumps along that will make it seem impossible to keep a balanced life but in the end, no matter how crazy things get or look (as depicted by the ludicrous structural design of the metal beams) there is always a possibility of being able to stay balanced and successful. The emotions that were instilled upon me were of amazement at the design, curiosity at the intentions of the artist, and gratitude of what the artwork taught me.
Art and the Good Life: The artwork that I chose for depicting an aspect of the Good Life is titled Going to the Fair. The theme that resonated within me was celebrating the Good Life. In it, one can see families from all around participating in a celebration that seemed traditional to all. From the picture, one can conclude that they knew what to bring, what not to bring, and what to expect out of this joyous occasion. Within our readings, we have learned how celebrating the good life can be done in various ways through different mediums. Celebrations can be centered around negative or positive pieces of history, and while this piece of artwork doesn't give us that information, it is clear from the faces of the kids and parents that, in the present, the celebrations that they are about to partake in will bring joy to all involved. The artwork sends the message that no matter the history of a celebration, one can enjoy what there is to celebrate about it in the present to enjoy a Good Life.

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