We offer something you won't find anywhere else. DETROIT.

Spirit of Detroit


You’ve come to the right place — a place where sparks of genius ignite movements. Where one idea can blaze a trail that leads to the Next Big Thing. Where creativity is cultivated, and always celebrated.

Wayne State University is proud to make our home in Detroit, a city of dreamers and doers. Students come from across the street and around the globe to live, learn and grow on a campus that’s defined by the heart and spirit of our hometown.


Student in front of the Welcome Center
The Maccabees Building with the Detroit skyline in the background; a crowd in the street at the Dally in the Alley festival; three students with skateboards in a pedestrian alley in downtown Detroit


Seamless. That’s the word our students use to describe how our 200-acre campus fits into the landscape of one of the most vibrant cities in the United States. Wayne State has always been open and accessible to Detroit — and vice versa.

Students and faculty come here to learn, work, play and live for the same reason they come to Detroit: because here is where you get to experience what the world is really like.

And you can take advantage of Wayne State’s connections with the worlds of health care, manufacturing, business, law, entertainment and more. Opportunities are available to you, thanks to your connection with us.

A group of students and a professor at the Detroit Institute of Arts; a group of graduates taking a selfie in downtown Detroit


You may not think of Detroit as a neighborhood.

But, in many ways, that’s exactly what it is. And all around this neighborhood, there’s activity, renewal, creativity and inventiveness. Your neighbors are students, professionals, families, artists, laborers, entrepreneurs, veterans.

Visit once and you might find yourself settling in for a couple years — or longer. Either way, you’ll never forget the neighbors you meet, because they eventually turn into friends and family.

This is the kind of place we’re all trying to get to or trying to get back to.

The kind of place that satisfies a little of that need for community we all have, no matter who you are.

FAITH BERRY is a junior, majoring in theatre, at Wayne State’s College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts.
A student sitting in a director's chair on a stage
Students working in an urban garden; crates of tomatoes; a student at a restaurant


The food scene in this city has been one of the most concentrated eruptions of tasty excitement to ever hit a metropolis.

Don’t believe us?

Maybe you’ll believe National Geographic, Zagat, Lonely Planet or Travel + Leisure, who have all reported wildly popular reviews about dining in the D.

From acclaimed restaurants and breweries to independently owned bakeries and coffee shops, Detroit has become a culinary destination for foodies everywhere.

There are hundreds of restaurants, with flavors from every corner of the globe, for any dining experience — and any budget.

Wayne State University's rowing club on the Detroit River; an event on a rooftop in downtown Detroit; cyclists passing by the Ambassador Bridge


Wayne State’s campus is a 200-acre oasis of green spaces, walking paths, classic architecture, new buildings, fountains and reflective pools.

And, just a step outside of our campus is Detroit: one of the most exciting comeback cities in the nation. A city with an international riverfront that looks onto our sister city, Windsor, Canada.

A campus, a neighborhood, a metropolis and a foreign land — all in a five-mile radius.

What more could you ask for?

It’s right here.

A student relaxing on a beach chair in sand in downtown Detroit; dance students pose on campus; a crowd at a Wayne State University football game


Detroiters experience life outside.

In the summer, we cycle on the Dequindre Cut, attend ballgames, street parties and outdoor concerts.

In the winter, we skate at Campus Martius, run in the Turkey Trot and enjoy outdoor holiday parties like Noel Night.

Pick a season. Any season. There’s never a shortage of fun things to do and unique places to explore.

Enjoy a pro baseball, basketball, football or hockey game, all in a four-block radius. Detroit’s the only city in the United States to have all four major sports competing in the town they represent.

Or stay on campus and watch our Warriors perform on the Hilberry stage, the nation’s only continuous reparatory theatre.

Wayne State is also home to 17 NCAA sports teams, so you can cheer on our Warriors as they compete on the field, in the water and on the court.

Integrative Biosciences Center (iBio)


Wayne State University is a recognized research leader in Michigan, in the United States and around the world.

Last year, our research funding totaled more than $259 million, while we continued to hold the highest Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching designations in both research and community engagement.

Our forward thinking continues to pay off: Over a decade ago, Wayne State University, Michigan State University and the University of Michigan partnered to create the University Research Corridor (URC), one of the nation’s top academic research clusters.

In 2017, the URC generated $2.5 billion in research and development and made up 94% of the research conducted in Michigan. We’re leading the way, with great work for a brighter future, done right here.

A student checking a woman's blood pressure; a group of nursing students and a professor in a meeting


Wayne State University was founded in 1868 as a medical college, and our roots in community health remain strong.

Students in medicine, nursing, pharmacy and health sciences learn to provide compassionate clinical care and conduct research dedicated to reducing health disparities. They also provide treatment in local hospitals, medical centers and clinics, and work alongside faculty and medical professionals to conduct research focused on building a healthier Detroit.

These disparities are often linked to environmental and social factors, and our commitment to interdisciplinary research allows us to address these issues from all angles. Students in the School of Social Work benefit from being embedded in the community, where they receive firsthand opportunities to help residents pursue social justice.

Our students take this knowledge from all these disciplines and go on to practice around the globe, never forgetting the need that’s just around the corner.

KWAME WIAFE is a third-year medical student at Wayne State University’s School of Medicine.
A portrait of a medical school student
Two law students sitting by a building in downtown Detroit; a researcher working in a lab


When the city is your classroom, the possibilities are endless.

Here, Wayne Law students learn to understand and navigate the complex legal system, both in the classroom and through access to the nation’s most-established firms and some of the highest courts in the land.

The College of Engineering’s long-standing relationships at all levels of the mobility industry open the door to collaborative opportunities that allow students to gain knowledge from the men and women who design, create and test the vehicles that keep America on the move.

As digital technology transforms how we store and access information, the School of Information Sciences dedicates itself to understanding and leveraging these tools to ensure that knowledge is preserved for future generations. Our university libraries not only provide invaluable resources for students; they preserve and share vital pieces of Detroit history.

And the Mike Ilitch School of Business isn’t called Detroit’s business school for nothing. Its philosophy — become successful in business by learning where business is done — is backed by its practice, which connects students with some of the world’s most successful corporations, located just a short walk away.

LAUREN McCREE is earning her M.B.A. in sports and entertainment management at Wayne State’s Mike Ilitch School of Business.
A business student posing on a balcony overlooking downtown Detroit
A music student playing violin on a stage; a student with a vision disability studying; student teachers leading a class of young students


Knowledge is a gift that must be shared, passed on to create culture, shape society and further understanding. That belief fuels students and faculty in each of our schools and colleges, who commit to taking what they learn here into the world.

You can see that commitment at work in our College of Education, where students are not satisfied with being tomorrow’s teachers — they want to start today. The college’s TeachDETROIT residency program gives them that chance, placing future Wayne State grads in local schools for training, mentoring, and working closely with families and students who benefit from their knowledge.

Warriors are more than just students — they make up the fabric of this city. Your family physician and the author whose words helped you understand the world may have started in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Our College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts likely helped shape the reporter who informs your community, the dancer whose grace moved you and the TV star who made you laugh.

Knowledge cannot be contained. It’s infectious. It leaves our campus and transforms the world — and that transformation starts in Detroit.

Reflecting pool on Wayne State University's campus; a student skateboarding in Midtown Detroit


Our urban backdrop offers countless learning, cultural and entertainment opportunities for our students and faculty.

A short walk from campus takes you to the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Detroit Public Library, blocks of unique shops, incredible restaurants and original nightlife.

Hungry for inspiration? Detroit’s theatre and music scenes will keep you endlessly satisfied. This is, after all, where blues, jazz and hip-hop artists have come to be inspired and where Motown was born.

We’re not saying the experience here is better than at a rural or suburban college.

Wait, yeah. That’s exactly what we’re saying.


Wayne State University