Stroke cerebrovascular accident

Lillian Williams was born on January 18, 1936 in a small town of Arkansas. She just celebrated her 81st birthday a couple days ago.

Lillian had a stroke at the age of 76. In years leading up to Lillian's stroke, she was diagnosed with high blood pressure and cholesterol. My grandmother had an extremely poor eating habit; eating things from hogmaws, chitterlings, cornbread, etc. All the foods that her doctor told her not to eat.. she ate.

Brain Computed Tomography

Lillian was diagnosed with a stroke by a brain computed tomography, a diagnostic tool that creates detailed pictures of the skull. For those that don't know, a stroke is basically an attack on the brain. A stroke takes place when the blood flow to an area of the brain is cut off. The inability to move certain muscles is one major side effect after having a stroke and is caused by brain cells not getting oxygen and dying.

Since my grandma got diagnosed with a stroke, she has to take 6 pills everyday when she wakes up for the rest of her life. She also went to a physical therapist for a year to work on exercising the left side of her body that had became numb after her stroke. On the other hand, my grandmother will never be the same person as she was before her stroke. She had a hemorrhagic stroke which is the hardest to physically come back from. My grandma lives a good life with the support of my family. My uncle and aunts check in on her and she has her own personal caregiver at her place the entire day to help her with anything.

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