Basics of basketball Manuel Martinez

February 10, 2017 Blog#2 At the moment Matthew and I are indecisive wither or not to do our project about rapping or Basketball. We both love rapping and we do like Basketball, but we can only choose one. Matthew is suggesting just to switch to Basketball because rapping will be to hard and we think it wouldn't benefit the community.
February 17, 2017 Blog#3 So Matthew and I have decided to do our project on basketball. The reason for this is because basketball would have more of an impact to the community than rap. I've seen so many stories on social media that basketball has changed their life around and has been an inspiration.
February 24, 2017 Blog#4 We finally started recording today! We recorded in midland elementary with our mentor Leonardo and andres was our camera man. We got a 3 minute video demonstrating easy to use moves in games. It was fun recording but at the same time awkward. All around it was a fun day and plan to do this at least 3 days out of the week.
February 31, 2017 Blog#5 So we decided to name our project chankle breakers. The reason for this is because in the sport of basketball when you break or do a fancy move and there ankle just gives up. You just broke their ankle, it's an funny and embarrassing experiencing.
March 7, 2017 Blog #6 So Matthew and I on Tuesday went to the REC or Recreational Court here in Moreno Valley. We recorded some basics for example how to do a basic jump shot, and lay up. After recording we had a game against some other players that were warming up. We managed to record some good plays before the camera ran out of battery. Our mentor Leonardo taught us a couple new moves that Matthew and I did not know about. So we learned something new that day.
March 17 Blog #7 Matthew and I plan to work on our Instagram because currently we only have a you tube channel, but we want to reach out to more people. Currently our you tube channel only has 76 subscribers. Which isn't that bad since we just started about a week ago. Matthew and I plan to continue filming 2 days out of the week and we also plan to get better at the sport of Baskeball.
April 7 Blog#8 Matthew and I this week worked on on some new moves that our mentor Leonel taught us this week. We should be making a video on those new moves that he taught us.
April 14 Blog#9 Matthew and I this week filmed a new video on how to play a fun and easy game of 21. The objective of 21 is whoever score's to 21 first wins. Today we are going to the lake club to play against a team that we beat Wednesday, that team challenged us again for today. We will be recording the game so stay tuned. For our symposium we plan to bring a basketball to teach the live audience some easy and fun moves that they can learn in under 10 mins.
May 1 Blog#10 So last Friday it was symposium day. Matt and I had to present the project to students in the small gym. It went really really well. We got a lot of good feedback and plus we taught the audience a couple basic moves they did not know about. Some good feedback that we got were like they learned new moves, our presentation was straight to the point, it was formal. We really didn't get any bad feedback the majority was good. The final steps of our project is the ted talk we have to present in June 2.

May 5 Blog#11

May 5 Blog#11 So this week Matthew and I went to palm middle school to practice for our FBL team. We did conditioning because the majority of us get tired very easily and basketball games are about 32 mins to 45. Our vision for our presentation is to finish our visuals by today and rehearse for our ted talk


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