Tsunami by ellory gardner

What is a Tsunami?

A tsunami is when an underwater earthquake happens and a large wave of water forms. A tsunami will destroy anything in its path. Once you see a tsunami it's too late to run. Tsunami's can travel across the Pacific Ocean in 24 hours. Once you see a tsunami warning don't ignore it.

How is a Tsunami Formed?

A tsunami is caused by underwater earthquakes. The underwater earthquakes are caused by lava,dirt,volcano,earthquakes,meteors and land slides hitting the water. It makes waves and it come's to the shore.

How Long Does A Tsunami last?

Most tsunami's last up to 1 hour or 5 minutes, but more tsunami's last 1 hour because tsunami's are so big. There was a tsunami in 2004 that lasted 15 minutes and that's long for a tsunami. You might think that's not long, but it is for a tsunami.

Where Does A Tsunami Happen?

Most tsunami's happen in the ocean, but the oceans that tsunami's happen in are big like the Pacific, Atlantic and the Indian ocean.


  • ignore-- to refuse to take notice of something.
  • yacht-a large boat that is used for racing or pleasure.
  • destroy--to cause ruin or destruction.

Interesting Facts

1. Tsunami's can travel across the water going 400 or 600 miles per hour

2. There was a tsunami in 1958 that was so big it moved to the Sri lake.

3. Tsunami's are so powerful they can move a yacht or a house.

4. The first tsunami wave can get up to 100 feet tall.

5. The worlds biggest tsunami was 1720 feet tall


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