Florida Natural History Museum Bri buzard

I found the butterfly exhibit at the Florida Natural History Museum the most appealing exhibit in the museum. I thought that this exhibit was most appealing because it showed what butterflies acted like in their natural habitat and also what their natural habitat might look like. I felt that since they did not just restrain the butterflies to cages and allowed them in a large area it helped me to learn more about them. I was able to see the many different types of butterflies and the different reasons for their coloring or size or how they looked in general. I don't think I would have learned as much without the butterflies being in this medium because if they had just been in a cage or on display then I would not have been able to see how they interact in their natural habitat. I found this exhibit to be the most enjoyable thing about the museum because it was the most hands on and I am a very hand on learner and I enjoy things when I am not just reading about it and I am able to see them in person.

I believe that the museum does allow us to experience nature in the way Leopold says to because it allows us to see exhibits they were meant to be seen. For example the butterfly exhibit allows us to see them in their natural habitat and not as if we have conquered. Also, it allows us the opportunity to appreciate nature of the past like in the fossil exhibit. In the museum I sensed a sort of respect for nature because of how the museum was laid out. Each exhibit had its own area and was given the respect that it deserved and it did not feel cramped. From what I witnessed, other people really enjoyed the butterfly exhibit as well as the fossil exhibit. Because they were able to enjoy nature in this way I believe it probably led them to have a new respect for nature. The museum allows us to connect with nature by allowing people to see nature in its natural habitat like with the butterfly exhibit. The museum did instill in me an ethical responsibility because seeing the fossils and the endangered and extinct animals I began to feel an ethical responsibility to do my part in protecting them.

The natural history museum allows us to step out of our ordinary lives by taking us to a place we do not often get to go and showing us things that we normally don't have time or want to think about. When I went to the museum I was able to think about different things about nature when normally I would not be able to take the time and think about these things. It also provided a medium to do this that I wouldn't have had otherwise. The museum helps us to realize that there is something bigger than us. The museum helps us to see that we not only need to be concerned about what is happening us, but also what is happening in the nature around us. It also helped me to realize majesty and the mystery of the world by showing the immense amount of animals that have been alive before we even existed and makes me wonder how they became extinct and how the world was when they were alive.

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