Non-Jewish Victims of the Holocaust By Grace Yoo


Most people are familiar with the Holocaust; the fear-inducing purge of humans with specific beliefs and/or religions, specifically the Jews. However, the Jews were not the only minority whose existence was threatened by Hitler and the Nazís. This presentation will give you a wider view of the people who were impacted by Hitler and his fascist views.

Number #1: Jehovah's WITNESSES

The organization known as "Jehovah's Witnesses" possessed views that strongly disagreed with Hitler. They were a particularly large threat to Hitler and his minions, because from the very start of it all, they refused to serve any other God but Jehovah.

When asked to sign papers of sworn loyalty to the Nazi regime, they promptly refused. Greatly vexed by their refusal, Hitler forced anyone who identified themselves as a Witness to wear purple armbands, therefore marking them as dangerous traitors of the Third Reich. Thousands of them were rounded up and imprisoned.

Number #2: The Roma Gypsies

Similar to the Jews, the Roma Gypsies were chosen to be totally wiped out solely based on their race.

Although Judaism was mostly a religion on its part, Hitler saw those who practiced it as a race that needed to be completely annihilated.

Likewise, the Roma Gypsies were viewed in the same way in the eyes of the Führer.

The Roma Gypsies were especially similar to the Jews more than any other persecuted nation, for they both had been despised and treated like scum throughout history's bloody pages. They were both denied of certain rights in parts of Europe, and were viewed as inferior and worthless by most of Germany.

The Gypsies were moved into special areas by the Nazís, and by the time World War II came to an end, over half a million of them had been killed.


Since Hitler believed that the 'Master Race' would have no flaws, he certainly did not approve of the fellow human beings who were best referred to as 'gay.' Homosexual males of all nations including Germany were persecuted, tortured severely, and eventually executed.

Hitler even sent suspected homosexuals from among his own front lines to the dreaded concentration camps, where they were forced to wear their uniforms and medals alongside the pink triangles that were branded onto their clothes.

Between 5000 to 15,000 homosexual people were killed during the Holocaust.

Number #4: Disabled INDIVIDUALS

No physically or mentally malfunctioned male or female was permitted to join Hitler on the red carpet of domination. You had to be perfect in every way possible, or else you would not be accepted. The Nazís deemed it a a waste of time and money to support the disabled, and promptly sentenced each and every one of them to death, as if they were nothing but animals.

Julian (or Torteau), from R.J Palacio's tear-enhancing story, The Julian Chapter, is a good example of the fate thrust upon the disabled.

Number #5: Black Children

People of African descent were very rare in Germany. However, during WWI, African soldiers were brought in by the French Allied forces during the time Germany was occupied by the 'enemy.' Many German citizens were mortified by the black-skinned 'invasions.'

Some soldiers got into personal relationships with some German women, and the children born between them were frequently called 'Rhineland Bastards' or 'Black Disgrace.'

When Hitler wrote the book, "Mein Kampf," he wrote that he would personally see to the elimination of these black children, seeing them as an 'insult ' to the nation.

So when the Nazís came into power, they set up a secret agency called Commision Number 3. Their purpose was to 'organize the purity of the Aryan race. In 1937, list of the half-bloods was taken by the local authorities to be put under commission without parental permission. Once a child's African descent was officially proven, the child would be taken to the hospital immediately, where they would be sterilized*.

About 400 children were medically sterilized by the fascist organization. Many of these were performed without the parents' knowledge.

My research done for this tag connected to the story because it emphasized that the Jews were not the only people affected by Hitler's poisonous reign. That so many lives, Jew or not, were taken.

End of Tag 5

*to deprive the subject of the ability of making or producing offspring, usually by blocking or removing sexual organs.

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