Digital Portfolio- Computer Art by Camryn grady

project #1

Illuminated Letter

Task- Using your own first initial, create a modern day, decorative letter based on those from manuscripts in medieval times.


Illuminated Letters

Product- I created a digital watercolor background based on a palette I liked, and digitally traced images of various pipes, lightbulbs, and wheels. I spliced them together in the shape of a 'C', then added a Glow effect in white to make the letter pop from the background.

Color Palette
Final Product
project #2- "Personal Tale" Self-Portrait

Task- Add new colors, designs, effects, colors, lines, filters, etc. to a portrait photo of yourself to make a new, enhanced piece.


Product- Using a portrait photo of myself taken by a friend, I added various painterly effects to the foreground and replaced the background with paint splatter designs picked from a color palette. I did manual detailed retouching and coloring on the photo as well using the brush tool.

original photo and color palette
final product

project #3


Task- Create two surreal images incorporating realistic photos of objects and animals to create a believable, but impossible piece.


Product- I created two images, one in black and white and one in color. For the color piece, I chose a photo of a hummingbird and replaced the wings with dragonfly wings. For this piece, I tested my photoshop skills and challenged myself to make it look as realistic as possible.

original color photo
final piece

My second piece incorporated a photo of an astronaut and several images of plants. I altered the helmet of the astronaut suit to look almost closed, then converted the plant images into black and white and added cast shadows from them onto the suit. Finally, I used some of the noise filters to give the whole piece a uniform texture.

original B&W photo
final piece
project #4- Masterpiece Advertising

Task- Using a well-known, famous piece of art, apply digital editing techniques to create an advertisement to promote or sell a certain product or company


Product- For my ad, I chose two prints by Shepard Fairey. I imported photos of pen/brushes/pencils and used filters and selection tools to make them visually match the style of the first piece, then took out the guns and replaced them. I patched the areas of the background that were affected and edited out the flowers. I took the text and border from the second print and cut out the middle, and placed it over the first layer. Finally, I added the company logo I chose (Blick Art Materials) in the bottom corner.

original photos
final piece

project #5

Digital Mixed Media

Task- Using both digitally created pieces and various physical art mediums, create a 3-D piece on canvas.

Product- I created a triptych piece using acrylic transferred images of cacti I traced digitally, on a background of watercolor and transferred/"mod-poged" images of script writing and sketches of DaVinci's flying machines transferred or pasted into the background. I did final washes and splatters of watercolor to finalize the pieces. I chose specific color palettes for the pieces in blue, purple, and green respectively.

final piece
final piece
final piece
Created By
camryn grady


Created with images by Double--M - "48." • werner22brigitte - "girl pretty beautiful" • Luiz Fernando Reis MMF - "Jimi Hendrix cor 03" • ferro biansa - "Anna Commission"

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