Oliver's Experience on the Maiden Voyage By Kai Ferguson

"Oliver, stop wagging off and come down and empty the dust bin," said Mum.

"Okay Mum, but then can you help me pack for the Titanic," I said.

Hi, my name is Oliver and I live in Southampton, England. I'm going to be on the Titanic in a few hours! My Mum has been saving up to afford this trip for awhile. She says it will be an ace. The Titanic is going to New York, which is in the US!

A few hours later...

"Time to board the ship, honey," said Mum.

"Okay Mum, I just need to get my bag. I will be down in a second," I said.

I can see the ship, and it looks amazing. There are hundreds of stewards waiting to take your luggage! I can't wait to eat at the La Carte restaurant. There are so many nobs it's almost rubbish! Over there, someone is having an argy-bargy with a steward. I eavesdrop on some of his conversation and hear this:

"What do you mean I can't have 20 bags of baggage?" says the man in a gobsmacked way.

"I am sorry sir, but we don't have enough room for all your luggage. We cannot put it on the ship until we know we have enough room," said the steward trying to prevent a kerfuffle.

"I am done with this, goodbye!" said the man as he walks off angrily.

I can't believe that man was being so mean during this great honor to be on the ship. He must have more money than manners. Mum used to say to always be nice no matter the situation. If I was in his situation, I would kindly ask the steward,"Well, then how much luggage can I take on board?" That would prevent problems just like my Mum taught me.

"Stop earwigging and board the ship with me now," said Mum in a kind but strict voice.

"Okay Mum, but can we eat at the La Carte Restaurant later today?" I said.

We have settled into our room and Mum is getting on her nice dress to go eat at the on board restaurant. I have looked at the menu and the scones look so delicious I could eat a million!

"Oh look, it is tea time at the La Carte restaurant," said Mum,"I can't wait to have biscuits with tea."

When we sit down in the restaurant, a numpty man walks up to us and says,"Why are you skints here, in the nicest ship in the world? Your clothes look like you belong in the furnaces."

"I am sorry sir, but that's a lot of tosh you speak of. We got tickets fair and square, so bugger off!," said Mum almost shouting at the man.

"Sorry Ma'am, I did not know you cared so much about an old man like me and my opinion," said the man in a chuffed and sarcastic way.

My Mum is angry but ignores the situation. I am very surprised how rude this man was to my Mum, but that is just how rich people act because they always get whatever they want, or at least I guess so. The rest of the night was great, we had dinner and I got some delicious scones. Since we went down to second class dining after the incident, there were no more issues with rich folks. The Titanic is a great ship, but some of the people on it think they are the bee's knees and have no respect for others.

Vocabulary: 1.wagging off-being lazy, 2.dust bin-trash can, 3.Mum-Mom, 4.ace-awesome, 5.nobs-rich person, 6.rubbish-trash, 7.argy-bargy-arguement, 8.gobsmacked-shocked, 9.kerfuffle-skirmish, 10.earwigging-eavesdropping, 11.scone-biscuit like cake, 12.tea time-snack time, 13.biscuits-cookies, 14.tea-hot drink made with leaves, 15.numpty-unwise, 16.skints-without money, 17.tosh-nonsense, 18.bugger off-go away, 19.chuffed-very pleased, 20.the bee's knees-to think the world of something


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