The Care and Maintenance of Cats BY ALEX THOMPSON

Feeding Guidelines: There are many foods that you want to AVOID feeding cats. This list includes: alcohol, baby food, nuts, berries, yeast doughs, animal bones, fats and dairy products.

You should feed your cat a diet of cat food made by a cat food company, it doesn't matter wether you feed wet or dry food, as both are specially made for cats. The food that you buy should have at least 50% animal protein ( cats are carnivores). The food should also have a moderate 20-40% fat with low carbs (1-2% calories).

When trying to figure out how much to feed your cat, as a basic rule of thumb, every pound of cat needs about 30 calories per day. For example, if a cat weighs 8 pounds, then you should feed it about 240 calories per day.

Grooming and Care: For short haired cats, you should brush its hair about once a week. It is not needed to bathe short-haired cats as they groom themselves.

For long-haired cats, you should brush the cat daily with a fine metal tooth comb to avoid the hair getting tangled and matted. You shouldnt need to bathe the cat unless the fur gets a sticky/greasy feeling. In this case you can bathe them like a regular toy dog.

Cat Reproduction

A female cat is also unusual in that she basically will keep coming back into heat every 14-21 days or so until she is bred or the amount of daylight decreases. When a cat DOES get pregnant-the gestation period is any where from 58-65 days and on average should have 4-6 kittens in each litter.

Once the kittens are born, you should focus on making sure they are kept warm and have access to their mothers milk or a milk formula if un-avaliable.


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