Physician Assistant (PA) By: William Moreno

Physician Assistants practice medicine within teams of doctors, surgeons, or healthcare workers to diagnose, examine, and treat patients.

Helpin' out Doc

Support Doctors in Diagnostics and management of patients

Document Diagnosis

Perform Physical Examinations

Perform diagnosis and therapeutic procedures

Develop management plans for patients and their families

Communicate planned care for the patients and their family

Can cover any and every type of specialty

Special qualities that one must have are critical thinking skills, loyalty, friendliness, and passion for the advancement in medicine.

Jobs are either performed in general hospitals, small clinics, or private practices

General Hospital

Private Practices

Frequency to which work is being cycled depends on stage of the day and location practices. For instance, *Hospitals are gonna keep you running all throughout the day rather than a small practice keeping you busy per appointment (range from slow to busy)

Opportunities within the career

Physician Assistants cannot move up in position rank, however, they have the liquidity to switch occupations within numerous specialities. Specialities such as:

  • Sports Medicine and Orthopedics
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Surgeon: Neuro, Ortho, and Plastic

But typically the only real advancement for Physical Assistants is opening up their own practice but even then they are not their own boss therefor there still is a team of physicians that direct activities.

The path to becoming a pa

Physician Assistants do NOT attend medical school and instead..

Enroll in a 4 year major University, and acquire a bachelor's degree in whatever major you desire. Just as long as you are able to maintain a high enough GPA to Apply for..

Physician Assistants enroll into a PA school which is 26 months to three academic years long.

Although it isn't medical school, the curriculum for a PA program is still gonna be challenging. To acquire certification from the program, students must take advanced levels in science and supplemented courses.

Congratulations, you are a licensed PA!

The rewards of being a physician assistant

Becoming a Physician Assistant is a very rewarding career.
Similar to all medical professions, Physician Assistants make very good money. Physician Assistants in Houston, Texas, make a median of $97,033 per year (Payscale, 2017) But the range is $85,100 to $140,014 based on the variance pertaining where one is employed to and the speciality.
Yup, thats right. Fat stacks yo.
Lots of vacation/Leisure time to do whatever since you don't work late nights and stressful hours on a day to day basis.
Another reward is the satisfaction you accumulate throughout the day helping people and being of good resource. Which is what really matters. :)



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