Val d'Isère

It will cost you $3,630 for a week round trip to Val d'Isère. The total travel time will be 16 hours because of the number of flights you will travel with. you fly from Columbus to Toronto, then from there to Montreal. after you arrive in Montreal you fly to Lyon where you're just a car ride away from downtown Val d'Isère. More information is available at

Espace Killy - The ski area named after the most famous skier ever.

The town of Val d'Isère is not the biggest, but it has some of the oldest traditions of skiing in the world and is ranked as one of the most beautiful towns in the french alps.
There are hundred of ski lifts to get you to the different ski slopes and mountain tops,
Not only is there thousands of ski runs, there are countless off-piste runs where you can free roam for your self

If you are experienced, it's also possible to go hiking with your skis and ski where no one has ever been before. You will have to have a guide who knows what he or she is doing and it will be very expensive but most people who do it say it is well worth it.

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