Spring break photos By ME

Beautiful Sunset (on the rule of thirds). Our hotel had an amazing view.

My sister on the stairs in Nizwa.
Doors at Nizwa (this is my Dad and sister)
Souk: Camels for sale!
Cafe. Drinking her mint lemonade. We were having a break from exploring the souk.
Mountain Climbing at Jebel Shams. The ride up the mountain took so long but the view was amazing.
With a goat!! (There were so many goats and some of the followed us)
Flowers! (The hotel was very eco friendly)
At the museum, the eye is on the rule of thirds as well as my sister Kari's head. We went to the museum with our family friends.
Dowe boats. Exploring Qatar (also with family friends from England)

The eye is on the rule of thirds (when the picture is full screen, also I filled the frame)

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