Dear Valued Partner,

It is hard to believe that it has been over one year since COVID-19 changed our world. During this uncertain time, one thing remained clear, the incredible support of our partners. Your commitment and support of our mission helped us to not only continue but expand our services during this critical time.

While FRLS staff continued providing services, our pro bono in-person clinics immediately shifted to remote virtual clinics, allowing us to break down access to justice barriers in our more rural areas with many of you rising to the challenge and providing virtual services from our more urban areas to clients living in rural communities. Thank you! We also want to thank those of you who provided financial support to us during this time of increased need.

If you already partner with and support FRLS, we want you to know how much your contributions help those who need us most; together we serve 13 counties throughout Central and South Florida while also assisting farmworkers throughout the entire State. If this is your first time considering a partnership with FRLS, will you agree to accept a pro bono case, make a tax-deductible donation, or do both? Your partnership will mean so much to the thousands of low income and vulnerable people, including seniors, veterans, and disabled persons, impacted by this crisis.

TOGETHER we are making a difference to so many underserved communities! At the start of the pandemic, we met a group of farmworkers who reported they were afraid to go to work. They were transported to the fields in cramped vans and buses with no masks. At the fields, there was no running water to wash their hands and sanitation services were only available after a tenminute walk. Our Migrant Farmworker Unit represented the farmworkers obtaining protective equipment, running water, and sanitation services readily available near the fields.


After 47 years in an abusive marriage, 82 years old Ms. S. reached her breaking point. Her husband was arrested for battery against her and then filed a lawsuit for her pension, marital home, and alimony. Ms. S. was referred to FRLS for help. We represented her through the entry of a final order of dissolution of marriage with the judge agreeing with our position ordering that Ms. S. retain the marital home, her pension was not divided for her husband’s profit, and she now lives happily and peacefully in her home free from abuse.

YOU CAN SUPPORT FRLS with the critical services we provide that have transformed the lives of thousands of people like the farmworker group and Ms. S. We ask that you consider FRLS as your partner for justice. If so, will you join our “Justice Membership Program.” Your support of our mission to empower low-income individuals, families, and communities by providing them with access to justice is invaluable.


Joshua K. Brown - President, Board of Directors

Jaffe S. Pickett - Executive Director

Carolyn Fabrizo - Director PAI

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