About Us,

Hasan Kalyoncu University has come to life as a university focused on "education, research and innovation" in Gaziantep, an important crossroad of the historical Silk Road, where different religions, languages, races, cultures and civilizations are blended.

Our university aims to give graduates who regard all differences as richness, attach importance to thought and questioning, adhere to law and democratic values, and take part in the competitive markets of the world.

We always mobilize all our opportunities for young people to share the produced scientific knowledge with the society, to discuss it and to solve the problems.

Our Office;


  • Our Office Works in the;
  • Commercializing the business ideas of students and academics,
  • Establishing university-industry cooperation,
  • attracting national and international support to our region and
  • development of intellectual property rights fields.

KALITTO Incubation Center

  • For new Business ideas and Initiatives within the scope of the incubation center, we provide:
  • Consultancy,
  • Mentoring,
  • Prototyping,
  • Giving place allocation supports,
  • Creating business models,
  • Verification of ideas

GaziantepBiGG Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program

Hasan Kalyoncu University is the official implementing agency of the "1512 Techno-entrepreneurship Capital Support Program-BiGG" program implemented by TUBITAK. Entrepreneurs receive support for various trainings, consultancy, mentoring, prototyping by applying to the GaziantepBiGG Enterprise Acceleration Program with their technology-oriented business ideas, and have the opportunity to receive grants up to 200.000 TL by applying to the TÜBİTAK 1512 program.


Kalyon Garage Prototyping and Entrepreneurship Center has the electronic and mechanical infrastructure required for the production of high value-added products. The center provides the following services to entrepreneurs, SMEs and student teams;

  • R&D Project service,
  • R&D Workshop Service,
  • Prototyping Service,
  • Intellectual Industrial Services,
  • Commercialization Services

Kalyon Garaj provides researchers and entrepreneurs and SMEs within the body of HKU with the opportunity to transform their ideas into design and their designs into physical products with mechanical and digital prototyping devices.

Kalyon Garage units are as follows :

Mechanical workshop : In the workshop where machining operations are carried out, CAD drawings, CAM processing software can produce prototypes with high precision, depending on the project needs.

Electronic Workshop : Electronic card design and manufacturing are carried out in the workshop, which contains sensitive test devices.

Reverse engineering workshop : The scanning of objects, 3D modeling, and the production of advanced prototypes are carried out in this workshop.


Our facility, which is the first golf course and golf club of Southeastern Anatolia operating on our campus, has been put into service in order to encourage our students' social activities and to make them love golf.


Gaziantep, or the commonly used name Antep, is the 6. most populous city in Turkey. As of the end of 2020, it has a population of 2.1 million. Gaziantep, located at the intersection of Southeastern Anatolia and the Mediterranean and also one of the major cities in Turkey. Gaziantep ranks one of the first in terms of industry and development.

It is a city of education, trade and industry. It is one of the oldest cities still inhabited. Besides the city of Gaziantep, also it holds a very important place in Turkey's industry and trade.

The fact that the city was an important transit point of the Silk Road in the past has left the city a rich cultural heritage. It is a city that stands out not only with its historical structures, but also with its different and developed food culture as it hosts different cultures. For this very reason, gourmet trips to Gaziantep are also organized.

As of 2016, Gaziantep is a member of UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the field of gastronomy. With its 6,000-year history, Gaziantep Cuisine is a cultural heritage that is valued internationally and taken under protection. These fertile lands, which have been inhabited since the Polished Stone Age, bear the traces of many civilizations. For this reason, local foods and food culture are very rich.

The inns, baths and almshouses in the city have been the accommodation places of caravans throughout history. The gastronomic cultures carried by people coming for commercial purposes enriched the region over time.

Promising many places to see for a traveler with its Gaziantep Castle, Bakırcılar Bazaar, Zeugma Mosaic Museum, historical houses and streets, Gaziantep is also home to natural beauties such as the Euphrates River.

In addition to tourism, industry and trade also have an important place in the economy of the city.

The most important industrial branches are cotton and acrylic yarn, carpet, flour, semolina, pasta, foodstuffs, vegetable oil, plastic, detergent production and leather production. In terms of agriculture, it stands out with its famous Antep pistachio.

Volunteering; It is defined as the support of an individual to a social enterprise or activities within the body of an institution / organization, coming from within and believing that it is right, in order to achieve a goal that is generally considered to be in the interest of society, without expecting any financial reward or expectation of any benefit.

The European Solidarity Program (ESC) is a new initiative of the European Union. program that aims to meet social needs, which creates opportunities for young people to volunteer in projects that benefit society in their own country or abroad, to work in these projects or to engage in networking activities, while promoting their personal, educational, social, civic and professional development.

The program offers an inspiring and empowering experience to young people who want to help, learn and improve.

The program adds value to the Volunteering program and other EU funding programs, previously known as the European Voluntary Service, under the current Erasmus +.

As part of the European Solidarity Corps, voluntarily;

  1. You will make a volunteer contribution and help communities in need.
  2. This is a learning experience that will accelerate your personal and professional growth. You will also have the chance to improve your language and intercultural skills, learn to live on your own, overcome difficulties and work in a team.
  3. Living and exploring another Country, learning about other cultures or making new friends will be an inevitable part of your volunteering experience.
  4. With your volunteering experience, you will have the opportunity to bring new ideas and a multicultural spirit to the organizations and local communities you volunteer for.
  5. By participating in the European Solidarity Corps, you will be part of a community.
  6. At the end of a project you participate in as a volunteer, you will receive a certificate for your participation.


The main objectives of this project are as follows;

  • Organizing social and entrepreneurship-oriented activities together with the students of our university and students from Europe within the scope of the European Solidarity Project,
  • Revealing new entrepreneurship ideas,
  • To ensure the participation of volunteers in technology competitions in Turkey and around the world, together with the students of our university.
  • To provide cultural exchange between European and Turkish youth,
  • Volunteers and university students to develop sustainable cooperation platforms through joint activities,
  • To carry out activities that will lead to the development of the «Sports is Solidarity" principle with the sports activities they will do together in our facilities,
  • Activities such as the promotion of our university abroad and in our city will be carried out, activities will be shaped in line with these content objectives.


  • Young people between the ages of 18-30,
  • Young people with limited opportunities culturally, geographically and economically,
  • Active participation of women in accordance with the principle of positive discrimination,
  • Young people with knowledge and experience about the entrepreneurship ecosystem,
  • Having an English language level that can communicate effectively and practically,
  • High motivation for volunteering,
  • Experienced in social entrepreneurship and technology entrepreneurship,


  • Preparation Meeting: As part of the Preparation Meeting, we will meet at KALITTO office every Monday morning, determine the activities of that week and exchange ideas about the general course of the activities.
  • Turkish Language Class: In the Turkish Language Class activity, we will organize presentations, studies and exercises in order to learn Turkish at least at the beginner level, starting from the basics for 1-2 hours in the morning, 2 days a week.
  • Blogging Activities: In the Blogging activities, as a result of the guidance made as agreed with your mentor and supervisor at the Preparation meetings, you will conduct research on the blog topic you have chosen that week, make active observations and studies in the field, or spare time for blogging at the office or at home.
  • Yoga Class for Refugees/ASAM: During this activity, you will attend yoga classes with refugees and various beneficiaries, work with them and teach them. In the future, you will meet with your mentor and supervisor and be included in the studies to be carried out within this NGO, in case of new activities and volunteering activities.
  • Golf Course: You will receive golf training from an expert trainer for an average of one hour every course day, 2 days a week, play golf, practice and spend a fun activity time.
  • Swimming Course: During the time you will spend in the swimming pool, you will have the option to swim as you wish in the Olympic-standard swimming pool. Apart from this, you will help and contribute to the young people and children who receive training in swimming courses in the pool, as well as to the swimming instructors who provide training. You will be expected to support the activities in which you are asked to help. Remember, you will not be expected to teach swimming directly. your main focus is to assist you in line with the directions given to you by the instructors there.
  • Social Media Concept Works: You will make various social media concepts and designs for KALITTO, Kalyon Garage and Hasan Kalyoncu University within the framework of the activities you have decided with your supervisor and mentor, and you will present them to us by creating templates.
  • Booklet Creating Work: Within the framework of the activities you have decided with your supervisor and mentor, you will prepare various explanatory and informative technical booklets for KALITTO, Kalyon Garage and Hasan Kalyoncu University, make the concepts and designs you have created on this subject, and present them to us by creating templates.
  • Conversation Club: In the Conversation Club activity, you will spend time with youngsters who continue their activities locally in the field of business or student, gather to get to know each other, making speaking practice, play some games from time to time and exchange ideas about many fields mutually.
  • Evaluation Meeting: As part of the evaluation meetings, a meeting will usually be held with your mentor (including your supervisor if necessary) where you will share the general status of volunteering activities and your complaints, problems, suggestions and ideas.

Within the scope of the activities in the project, it is aimed to provide new opportunities and cooperation in this field by directing the students involved in the mobility to conduct technological studies in the field of R&D and entrepreneurship within Teknofest, sharing knowledge, ideas and experience among the students involved in the mobility, and realizing joint project work about our topics.

Each volunteer participating in the project activities will obtain a Youthpass certificate after the mobility.

Youthpass certificate is the certificate that you received after the project that took place within the scope of the European Union Erasmus + programs you participated in, and is one of the outputs of your personal learning.

Youthpass allows the participant to self-evaluate their knowledge, skills and behavioral competencies in the project they participate in. Allowing the participant to self-evaluate makes youthpass privileged.


Within the scope of the execution and planning of ESC projects, 3 people were determined by our institution. These are;


Our institution has a Mentor team consisting of Former EVS / ESC volunteers. All volunteers and mentors will meet and hold meetings at least once a week, and the main task of the mentors is to intervene in the problems at the first time and to forward the volunteer problems that they cannot solve to the Supervisor immediately.


Supervisor of the project; responsible for tasks such as logistics, volunteer selection, volunteers and partner organizations communication. After the mentor, the volunteer will first contact the supervisor.


Together with the Supervisor, he/she is the legal representative responsible for the execution of the project. He/she is responsible for the financial planning and official correspondence of the project.


All volunteers are entitled to travel compensation according to the project budget limits, as much as the amounts calculated according to the mileage calculation.

Trip planning is done together with the volunteer and the supervisor. Payments of the volunteers will be made following the delivery of their boarding pass and invoices to us. Picking up the volunteers from the airport and leaving them to the airport at the end of the project will be organized by the project coordination team.

Project travel limits are listed in the table below.

*Calculated according to Distance Calculator

Pocket Money:

According to Erasmus+ programme guide, volunteers will received 4 Euro per day as a pocket Money.

Local Transportation:

The transportation of the volunteers between the home and the university will be covered by the institutional services of the university, and KentKart (CityCard) will be given to the volunteers for local transportation.

Activity Materials:

The stationery materials, educational materials and printing products required for the activities planned in the project will be covered by our institution from the project budget.

PCR Test:

Volunteers; enter Turkey or to return to their home countries if they need to PCR testing, testing fees by PCR testing will be done by our organization. But; volunteers must obtain approval from the project coordinator before testing in their own country. Fees for tests made without approval will not be covered.


Accommodation Place:

The volunteers will stay in a shared flat with a dedicated room for 2/3/4 person.

7 days/24 hours hot water and heating system available at the flat.

The list of emergency contacts will be hanged on the wall and first-aid kits will be prepared for any case of emergency.


In common living places at the flat, there will be a high-speed WIFI band for free in charge.


Average kitchen facilities, kitchenwares and cutleries will be provided. Food Money will pay in cash the volunteers. So, everyone can buy&cook as they wish.

Communal Living:

The responsibility for the equal use, order and hygiene of the accommodation area lies with the volunteers and it is

expected that the works will be carried out with equal sharing of tasks. Volunteers are expected to be sensitive and careful in matters such as respect for the private space, adaptation to local society, respect for traditions, understanding of social and cultural differences, sensitivity to the environment and zero pollution (environment, noise, image).


Volunteer - Supervisor / Coordinator Meeting:

A face-to-face planning meeting will be held with all volunteers every Monday in the meeting room in the KALİTTO office. In this meeting; Weekly activities planning, permit planning, evaluation and monitoring activities will be carried out.


There is 24-hour security within the university. The houses where the volunteers will stay are located at a safe point in the city.


ESC volunteers will have CIGNA Health insurance, which is paid for by the European Union and provided free of charge to the volunteers.

The insurance will be arranging by the Supporting Organization.

Volunteers who have health problems during the volunteer activity will be directed to the Medical Park hospital in our city. In emergencies, they will be transported by the ambulance at our university and their treatments will be followed.


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which affects the whole world, there are some restrictions on travel between countries. All passengers coming to our country are required to submit their PCR test documents with negative results, which were sampled within 72 hours before the planned departure time, before the flight. On the return journeys, the rules determined by the destination country are valid.

According to this;

- While our country continues to request a PCR test with negative results, the fees for these tests will be covered by our institution. However, before the volunteers can be tested in their home country, they must obtain approval from the host institution.

- During the volunteer activity, each volunteer who has a positive test result will be taken to the appropriate treatment with the direction of the relevant health institution (MedicalPark Gaziantep). The treatment process will be monitored and developments will be shared with both the sponsoring organization and the volunteer's family and contact persons.

Accommodation Area:

  • Before the volunteers arrive at their accommodation, the accommodation area will be professionally cleaned and disinfected.
  • All volunteers are responsible for keeping the accommodation area clean, tidy and hygienic.
  • Reusable cloth masks and anti-bacterial hand disinfectants will be made available to volunteers.
  • Information boards containing first aid kit, infrared thermometer and emergency contact information will be available in the accommodation area.
  • Periodic ventilation of all independent sections (room, living room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, etc.) in the accommodation area will be monitored.
  • Since the volunteers are responsible for eating and drinking activities in the accommodation area, information on food safety and hygiene will be made periodically.

Activity area:

  • Transportation of volunteers to the activity area (campus) will be provided by our institution's private shuttle vehicles. These private shuttle vehicles are disinfected twice a day.
  • The activity areas that volunteers will use in the campus are also periodically disinfected.
  • Volunteers will be informed about wearing compulsory masks and obeying the social distance rule in all areas of the campus.
  • The eating and drinking areas in the campus are periodically controlled in terms of food safety and hygiene, and volunteers will be informed about the issues that need attention.


  • Depending on which country you come from, you may need to obtain a visa to enter Turkey. You can check your visa requirements on the site below.
  • https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/apply/
  • If you need a visa, we recommend that you obtain an e-visa to avoid waiting in line at airports. You can make and receive your e-visa application from the link above. The fee is in the amount of 15 € or 20 $. Only Credit / Debit card payments are accepted. You can make your e-visa application 24/7.
  • You can also get a visa at the Istanbul Airport (IST) or Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW) visa desk.
  • Most likely, you will need to make a connecting flight from Istanbul to reach Gaziantep. We recommend that you leave a gap of at least 3-4 hours between your flights in case of possible delays at Istanbul Airport.
  • Your Gaziantep flight time will be approximately 1 hour 40 minutes long.
  • When you arrive at Gaziantep Airport, you must wait for your baggage at the baggage claim area. If your baggage comes directly from your departure city, you need to check the Gaziantep Airport International Exit.
  • Apart from this, there are direct flights to Gaziantep Airport (GZT) from some countries. Please follow the available flights on the airline's website.


  • You should be registered at European Youth Portal and hold a reference code.
  • Link: https://europa.eu/youth/solidarity_en
  • Get ready your CV and Motivation Letter,
  • Send them via email to us,
  • E-Mail for Application: Kalitto.ErasmusHR@gmail.com