Learning Objective #1 Self management

Common Exhibit

Time management self-study

Micro scale planning. Day by day events like what is due including the time and place of outstanding tests and classes. This can include personal notes and reminders. Checked multiple times a day.
The most regular calendar. This planner is not subject to change and gives the most basic estimation of each week. Due to tests or unusual amounts of homework it cannot always be followed but it serves as a good guideline. To be checked at the start and end of each day.
Macro scale planning: At the beginning of each month writing down the most important dates/events. To be checked at the beginning of each week.

I decided on how often to check on each planner at the beginning of this experiment and followed that plan 100% of the time. Checking the macro calendar at the start of each week was helpful because I could transfer any important dates and times onto my micro planner for the whole week in no time at all. The regular planner was mostly just a reminder that I kept over my desk to make sure I didn't forget to go to the gym or tennis one day. Exercise is very important to maintaining a good mental state.

A healthy body is a healthy mind.


I think that each planner had its roles, but no one planner was more important than any other. Each one helped me in their own way to schedule my days and hold me accountable to things like group meetings and tests without having to hold all of the dates in my head. My macro planner helped me see the big picture of the month which allowed me to plan much better and see which weeks would be busier than others. Also, seeing the tests before my teachers announce them in class allowed me to start studying much earlier than I would have otherwise. I managed to stick to my regular schedule really well once I actually hung it over my desk and decided to stick with it. I didn't feel like time was slipping away so quickly and found myself with more free time. The micro planner was very successful in holding me accountable to short-term due dates like regular homework. I only missed three homework assignments out of 19 since I began using the planner which is a huge improvement. To improve this experiment in the future I might have two micro planners because there is not a lot of space for school and social planning in one micro planner, and some social plans fell through because of it.

Self-Designed Exhibit

Sleep scheduling

For this test I decided to document how much sleep I got each night and then document how productive I felt on a scale of 1-10 the next morning.

Getting a good nights sleep is crucial for mental proficiency the next day.

On average I got about 8 hours of sleep and felt more productive than before I started the experiment because 8 hours is usually a maximum for me.


By just thinking about the experiment and documenting my sleep schedule. I found that I was getting more sleep than usual. I think that this will be a theme throughout the various experiments for the portfolio and I am excited to see the positive impact they have on my daily life and success.


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