Canbury School Newsletter 29th March 2019. issue 156.

Dear Parents and Visitors

Well we've made it. Today at 12 noon we opened the front door and watched as a sea of happy Canbury students fled the building for a very well-earned Easter break. Well, that's if they weren't in Year 11. Year 11 will be getting their heads down with their GCSE revision. Don't worry Year 11, your reward will be the long hot summer off. Think of that when you are putting in the hours this holiday. And think of how you want to feel on results day in August.

Talking of the summer, Mr Orchard is definitely looking forward to it this year. He has announced that after 21 years at Canbury, he will be retiring at the end of the summer term. Mr Orchard has been a constant in the sports department and has seen many many Canbury students come and go over the years. There will be opportunities in the summer term to bid him goodbye, share stories and thank him for his service to Canbury School.

In other news from this week alone, The Canbury lunchtime dog walking club held its inaugral event yesterday. Evie, Rhian and Ned enjoyed a stroll in Richmond Park at lunchtime. Mrs Bate and Mrs Haines joined the trio and reported back that just half an hour in the Spring sunshine blew away the cobwebs, energised the mind and left them all feeling ready for the afternoon. I must say, Ned's first official week as the Canbury dog has been absolutely wonderful. He held his own with the students, wandered about, did a wee on my flower pot, barked a couple of times, joined in basketball in the playground and generally spent a lot of time being stroked and fussed over. We'll see how it goes over the summer term and let you know how things progress.

Oh we do love to play in the park. Ned, Rhian and Evie have some lunchtime fun.

Our recent Comic Relief fundraising day raised £114.78. Thank you to all those who contributed. Today we've been wearing mufti, rocking the animal print look and raising money for the World Wide Fund for Nature. I will let you know when we return what we raised today. Hence only at Canbury will you see a student working hard in his Mathematics lesson with his furry head firmly fixed on and others tucking into cake at break-time - all in the name of fundraising.

Mixing it up for WWF - cake, animal prints and Mathematics. They're not mutually exclusive.

All that remains for me to say is I wish each and every one of our students, staff and parents a relaxing Easter break. We look forward to welcoming students back on Wednesday 24th April at 8.10am.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy



Students of the week

Year 7

Zac has achieved excellence in 25 Year 7 Mathematics topics and a fourth week in a row of 100% for his Parallel Maths.

Adam has achieved excellence in 40 Year 7 Mathematics topics.

Particularly outstanding presentations by Zac, Anders and Carl in English.

Year 8

Kiran has achieved excellence in five Year 8 Mathematics topics.

Harry L has achieved excellence in 35 Year 8 Mathematics topics.

Ottilie for 100 % on her Parallel Maths.

Phoebe for some first rate answers in English.

Harry L (again) for an excellent review of translation work in front of the class in Spanish on Wednesday.

Year 9

Alex, Victor, Max and Rhian for their convincing team victory in our English vocabulary game.

Seb for excellent reflections and contributions in Spanish class on Wednesday.

Year 10

Rosie worked for two hours solidly on an etching in Art - great concentration.

Alex B for outstanding verbal contributions in Spanish lesson on Wednesday.

Excellent translation work and knowledge of idioms in Spanish by Matthew and Emily.

Matthew W for an excellent Performing Arts lesson this week, for sharing his ideas openly and working well on his research journal.

Rosie for showing great focus and resourcefulness in Performing Arts this week.

Study skills

Following in the footsteps of KS4 students, KS3 students had the opportunity to take part in a study skills workshop this week. Working in their year groups and led by an outside consultant, Gordon Sparke, the students were given opportunities to develop effective study habits, become motivated, successful learners and hear more about their brain works. All in all, a positive experience and further information about what was covered will be sent home with this term's reports. Do please take some time to have a look and go through with your child.

You're never too old to learn new skills - Mr Natt got into the study skills workshop. Ask him what he can remember from it.

Day trip to Kew.

Year 10 Art and Photography students enjoyed a day trip to Kew Gardens this week. The focus was to gather primary source photographs to inform and inspire their coursework. The students were exemplary (writes Mrs Smith) and a great day was had, visiting the Marianne North gallery, the pavilions and the Hive. Look out for some of the student photographs in the next newsletter.

Year 10 students at Kew Gardens this week - what will their cameras reveal in the next newsletter?

Last bit of the puzzle is complete.

Armani and Victor started this jigsaw puzzle at the start of this term. They blew a bit hot and cold with it and until yesterday it still wasn't finished. Then yesterday, when Mrs Haines popped out for a dog walk, she invited Flora and Zac to get on with it. By the time she returned, they'd finished it! Well done. Great teamwork!

At last! The puzzle is done.

Farewell Miss Ross - read on for her final dispatch as House Events co-ordinator.

Lovely Miss Ross is leaving us today and returning to her native New Zealand for some TLC from her family. She has been away from home for three years and at Canbury since October 2017, helping Mr Orchard with sports and helping many of our students in class. Miss Ross has been a constant source of energy about the place and we are all going to miss her smiley face. Yesterday she organised the last House event of this term, but still found time to file this dispatch from the front line. That's dedication! Good luck with your next chapter Miss Ross, send us a picture for the newsletter when you're back in NZ!

The last house event of the term and of my Canbury career was an emotional one - but hilarious nonetheless! This time, rather than the students bidding to earn points for their Houses, it was the turn of the teachers and LSAs of Canbury who were challenged across nine different events.

The first event was the Cookie Challenge - getting a cookie from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands. Next up was the egg and spoon obstacle course. Third was blowing over cups with a balloon - harder than it sounds! Fourth tested the staff's word skills, finding balls with each letter on and unscrambling the word to reveal the word 'Reslience' - something definitely needed in this event! Next up was a game of 'flip cup' - trying to flip cups over so they landed on their heads. Then it was popping three balloons, but again you weren't allowed to use your hands or feet. The three men then took on the ping pong blow - moving a ping pong ball across the width of the playground into a small cup. The "balance a wobble cushion on your head, whilst undertaking the obstacle course" was the penultimate challenge and finally eating a suspended donut with no hands, again much harder than it sounds.

Canbury School - a place of learning. Really.

The whole event was played within the spirit of the rules (cough, cough) - and if I were to have checked the VAR I'm pretty sure I would have seen lots of rule-bending going on from all teams!

Thanks to the nine brave staff who took on the event and to all of the students who came out to watch them make fools of themselves!

Farewell Miss Ross. Safe travels home.

Johnson: Mr Barnes, Miss Robinson, Mrs Knivett

Campbell: Miss Veacock, Miss Knivett, Mr McGregor

Noble: Mr Orchard, Ms Dar, Mr Bourgi


Easter message from the Sixth Form.

It’s hard to believe we’ve already arrived at the Easter Holidays, writes Margaux. This means two thirds of the school year has flown by. We have just completed our first half term in our new Sixth Form block and we have all really enjoyed it.

The new building means more space, more independence and more fun. By having our own space, it gives us separation from the school whilst still going into the main building for some lessons, assembly and interacting with our peers in the lower school.

Sixth Form day to day life is still very busy with childcare, ICT, sports, art, travel and tourism, business functional skills and PSHE, as well as plenty of laughter while socialising alongside hard work.

We wish everyone a relaxing, enjoyable and restful Easter break and look forward to getting back into our building for the summer term of the academic year.

As always we will keep you updated.

Canbury Sixth Form


Meet the member of staff.

The tables have turned this week, because school admin assistant Mrs Bate, who usually asks the questions, has been asked them by Mrs Knivett and Mrs Bowen. So read on to find out what she would do if she became PM, how she loves her five sisters and how she finds it impossible to choose just one good book.

Mrs Bate

How is it you are always smiling when you are meeting and greeting people at Canbury?

You smile, I smile. Life is simply too short to let anything bother you for too long. And no-one likes a grumpy pants.

Tell us a favourite book you have enjoyed reading?

Gosh that's tough. I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good book. I'm currently reading 'A gentleman in Moscow' by Amor Towles. I can't recommend it highly enough. As a young girl I loved 'When Hitler stole pink rabbit' by Judith Kerr.

Which particular dish do you enjoy cooking for your family?

Hmmm, I've been cooking for my family for the last 22 years and I'm getting a bit bored of it if I'm honest. However they all love a roast, and actually a roast is dead easy. Bung a chicken in the oven, lob in some vegetables and crack open the wine.

Apart from your lovely dog do you have any other pets?

No. We tried to fob off the children with goldfish and then a hamster. Eventually I cracked and we got Ned. He is the best thing we have ever done as a family. When I become PM, everyone will have to have a dog. It will be mandatory.

What is your idea of a leisurely day?

Ooooh that's easy. A 5km run with some of my running buddies, a dog walk with Ned and some of his doggy buddies, a big fat cappuccino, a mooch around Waterstones, a film, cocktails with my five sisters, and then dinner with my husband and three children. Well they're not children anymore but you know what I mean. Then a early night, which would be impossible if I fitted that all in, but that would be my idea of Heaven. Granted it's not leisurely, but I don't do leisurely.

What words of wisdom would you tell your 14 year old self?

None of it actually matters. Really. Everything comes right in the end. And if it doesn't, well it wasn't right for you.

What is your favourite place in the world?

I'm very low maintenance. Swanage Pier in Dorset. When my children were young we spent many many happy hours on Swanage Pier crab catching. I cannot tell you what fond memories I have of those times. We loved it so much we have a plaque on the pier. If you ever go that way, see if you can find it! And then have a stroll around Swanage whilst licking the biggest ice cream you can buy.

What would you change about Canbury?

I would have a bigger chill out zone for the students. At the moment they sit at the top of the stairs on the bean bags if they want five minutes out. It would be great if they could have a room to themselves where they could really have some headspace if they needed it.

What did you want to do when you left school?

Be a journalist. And I was! I worked REALLY hard to become one and I have spent nearly 30 years, before coming to Canbury, working in press and media. I loved it.

Which three people in the world would you like to have dinner with?

Only three? That's mean! Well, it would be my Dad, Michael. He died very unexpectedly and suddenly when I was 11 and I have so many questions I would like to ask him.

Next would be Rosa Parks, who was an American activist in the civil rights movement best known for her pivotal role in the Montgomery bus boycott. The United States Congress has called her "the first lady of civil rights" and "the mother of the freedom movement". What an inspirational strong woman.

Finally Clare Balding, journalist and broadcaster. Not sure how my Dad would do surrounded by all these strong women, but he'd give it a go I'm sure!



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