Essential Guide to Byron Bay High School everything you need to know for day 1

School Vision

Byron Bay High School delivers a collaborative learning environment where students achieve excellence through our connection with community and land, creating holistic leaders of the future.

A message from the Principal

I am so proud to be the Principal of such an amazing school. Our dedicated and passionate teachers and support staff ensure every student is known and cared for throughout their High School journey. Learning is challenging and students will be inspired to think creatively and problem solve aspects inside and outside of the classroom.

To ensure your child receives the best educational outcomes from their time at Byron Bay High School please don't hesitate to contact the school and let us know how we can further support you as our students grow into responsible young adults of our community.

Take some time to read and view this page of information as it will help set you up for a confident start at Byron Bay High School.

Ms Janine Marcus

Our school website - your best friend!

The Byron Bay High School website is a wonderful resource for all families and will answer the questions you need answer to in the first weeks of High School.

Below are some links to our website with important information you need to get started. Please click through each point to become acquainted with all the 'need to know' information.

Grab a cuppa and click the links above to learn about school life at Byron Bay High School

Bell times


We are so lucky here at Byron Bay High School to be provided with such healthy delicious food in our Canteen.

Click this link to our Canteen Menu

Just some of the great food on offer - and our lovely Robyn and Lucy

How will we communicate with you?

We use a variety of platforms to communicate with our families. We have compiled a guide below so you know what to keep an eye on.

  • Email ! When we need to contact you with important information it will be via email. Please ensure you check this daily and that we are a 'safe sender' in your email browser so we don't end up in your 'junk box' :)
  • Website - for upcoming events, the school calendar, newsletters, assessment publications and endless other daily procedures. Take a look, you'll be surprised how much information is online.
  • Facebook - a little bit of fun and some important bits and pieces too! Like us today.
  • Byron Breeze - for what's on at school in the coming week.
  • Newsletter - a celebration of school life and achievements over the previous three weeks. Our newsletter link is emailed in weeks 3, 6 and 9 each term.

Keep us in the loop!!

Have you changed your email, address or phone number? Has your family situation changed? Are your emergency contacts still current? Remember to keep us in the loop if any of your family details change!

In the event of illness or an emergency with your children at school it’s vital we have up to date details and emergency contacts so that we can reach you quickly. You can notify us easily in writing of all changes by filling in our Change of details form on the Links and Downloads page on our website.

Latest COVID19 Department update

Ongoing safety measures remain in place to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission in schools. The department continues to work closely with NSW Health and follows their advice to ensure schools operate in a COVID-safe way. The safety and wellbeing of students and staff remains our priority.

Unfortunately parents and carers are not being permitted on-site at school, with the exception of those supporting education programs and parents who have prearranged appointments.

Any visitors entering our school site, including parents who enter school grounds to go to the front office on important business must scan the QR code with their mobile phone and complete the Department of Education’s ‘External Visitors to School Site’ form each time they enter the school grounds.

Please maintain social distancing when dropping off and picking up students. Enhanced hygiene practices and additional cleaning at school will continue.

As with all important information we will continue to keep families informed of any changes via email. The latest advice from the Department can be found at the following link: https://education.nsw.gov.au/covid-19​

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with these NSW Government guidelines and look forward to the time when our school is open to all members of the community including our wonderful families.


Student lockers are available to hire for $10 per year, depending on availability. Please email the school at byronbay-h.school@det.nsw.edu.au to add your child's name to the Locker waiting list.

6 things you need to know about payments

  1. Excursion permission notes MUST be signed by student, parent and Deputy Principal and be accompanied by payment or receipt of payment.
  2. We must receive the above no later than 2 pm the day prior to the event or excursion to allow for staffing, medical information and rolls to be prepared.
  3. The permission note must be accompanied by payment or receipt number of payment online. Payment alone does NOT guarantee a place.
  4. Parents can pay online via our website by clicking on Make a Payment at the top of the homepage. You only need to fill in the fields with an *Asterix. Always include the receipt number on your child’s excursion permission note.
  5. Students can pay with cash, cheque or card at the front office. Due to COVID19 there is NO onsite access to parents and carers unless you have a prior appointment.
  6. Some sports and excursions fill up fast! Early payment together with the permission slip secures your child’s place. Early action will help avoid disappointment.

Wednesday Sport

Wednesday sport runs for the duration of the term and is a compulsory part of the Byron Bay High School curriculum. There will be plenty of support on hand as students navigate this new process.

The main thing to remember is when sport notes are handed out on the first day of school to return the note together with your payment as soon as you can! Popular sports fill up quickly so getting in quick can avoid disappointment. Payment details are outlined on the note.

There are loads of great sports to choose from so pick something you enjoy or try something new - but get in quick!

Sport finishes at 3:10 pm in time for students to catch their usual buses home.

Any issues that may arise almost always have a solution! Students simply need to come and see the PE office at Recess on Wednesdays if there is a problem, ie. forgot sports gear, don’t know where to go, etc.

If you miss the bus to sport see Mrs Caoyonan out at the bus bay, or simply go straight to Room 4 at the end of lunch.

Room 4 is a non-sport room for students who are sick/injured with parental notes and students who may have missed their bus etc.

Sport permission notes can be found on our Links and Downloads page on our website!

CHS - (Combined High School Sport)

Byron Bay High school has a strong presence in CHS knockout and competition. At primary school, students competed in the PSSA equivalent. The progression at high school level for competition is School, Zone, Regional, State.

I look forward to watching your child in all sports whether it be competitively or for the joy of participating with friends and peers.

Mrs Kelley Caoyonan - Sports Organiser


School uniforms are available from The School Locker located at the Harvey Norman Home Maker Centre, 26 Boeing Avenue, Ballina. Be sure to label all those brand new uniforms when you get them home! Please see our Uniform Policy here.

Byron Bay High School School Locker page

School buses

Students who live beyond a 2km radius from the school can apply for a bus pass online.

Apply HERE NOW with Transport NSW

Workbooks and essential materials

For a list of workbooks and essential items your child will need please click this link to our Links and Downloads page on our website.

Bring your own Device (BYOD)

Here at school we have a number of mobile laptop banks, devices and dedicated computer rooms for student's use.

However we do also support students who wish to bring their own laptop. If you plan to go shopping, take the following details to The School Locker in Ballina.

Minimum System Requirements

The School Locker | Technology page

Virtual Tour

If you haven't had the opportunity to tour our school, come and join us on an amazing virtual tour! Just click this Virtual Tour link!

We are proud to be a Waste FREE school!

Byron Bay High School are proudly now a 'Waste-Free' school! What does this mean?

In 2020, students of Byron Bay High School lead the change to make their school waste free in response to their concern for the environment. Bordering the Arakwal National Park, it is crucial that we maintain a waste free environment and minimise our impact.

  • Students are encouraged to bring waste free lunches and snacks that are in reusable containers, therefore avoiding single use plastics.
  • Composting takes place onsite, with a dedicated team of students who manage the collection of organic waste from 'green bins' around the school.
  • The school collects plastic bottles and drink containers that can be recycled at the 'Return & Earn' facilities in our shire.
  • Anything that students bring onto the site, that cannot be recycled or composted, must return home with them, much like a national park.

We look forward to new students being able to maintain their environmental practices from Primary School and are always keen to further develop our environmental initiatives with involvement from new students.

P&C Association

We would like to extend a warm welcome to you to come along to our P&C Meetings. The P&C Association meets on the third Tuesday of each month (except during the holidays) at 7 pm in the school Library.

Successful education requires a partnership between parents, students and teachers - the school invites all parents to participate.

Term and vacation dates

A final note

We hope you now feel a little more familiar with our wonderful school.

We can't wait to see you ... in the meantime, why don't you bookmark or save this newsletter to your homepage for reference as you need it!


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