Modified Food By Hayden By Hayden

This tomato is being modified with chemicals which can be harmful to humans and to animals.So I don't agree that gm food is good for humans and animals.

This is a type of GM food which can be harmful and good to humans this also stands for genetically modified food.

This is cheese shaped like a Shell 🐚. This cheese had chemicals on it to make it shaped like this.

Is this an orange or Kiwi? Would you eat it or not? Obviously this is another example of genetically modified foods.

As you can see these fruits are genetically modified so they can grow different fruit.

These two tomatoes are connected. Bush was modified so it could be more fruitful.🍅🍅 these two emojis are supposed to be connected.

Which tomato would you leave the organic or GMO? I know I would eat the organic tomato.


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