Who is Mrs. Nguyen? Keep scrolling to find out.

What is her teaching experience & style?
Mrs. Nguyen has been teaching ELA for five years. Her favorite things to teach are writing and grammar. Yes, she really does love grammar. This year she will be teaching 8th grade On-Level & PreAP. Her hope is that she can make ELA interactive and exciting for her students.
Where is she from?
She is grew up in the upstate of South Carolina surrounded by these mountains. More specifically, she lived in a place called Pumpkintown for most of her life. It is a real place! And no, there aren't very many pumpkins.
What does Mrs. Nguyen love?
She loves her goofy husband.
She loves sports, especially basketball (GO ROCKETS!).
She loves traveling. This summer she visited six states (Illinois, Maryland, D.C., Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia).
She loves her three dogs: Watson, Waverly, & Willow
What did Mrs. Nguyen read this summer?

Mrs. Nguyen read twenty books this summer, but these are a few of her favorites.

What does she expect of her students?
Mrs. Nguyen expects for all her students to keep a positive attitude and work hard even when they face obstacles. She expects for them to be servant leaders, critical thinkers, and collaborate with others not only in her class but also at school and in the community.
But, most importantly, Mrs. Nguyen can't wait to see how much you grow this school year.
You are the blue heart. Look how happy you are about ELA!


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