Hello everyone and Thank you so much for being here with me today, I know how valuable our time can be and am so excited that this time is spent giving me the opportunity to show you what I could offer our company. What I can offer our brand and my vision of where that can take us and how it can truly connect to the hearts of our partners and customers. Now let’s learn about me and what I’m really excited to offer you our company our brand and our vision!


My name is Cheryl Wittmann. I have been a long-term partner with Starbucks starting in 1999 up until 2007. From the moment, I first stepped into a Starbucks and felt that personal connection with the partners and that third place feeling I got as I drank my tea by the fireplace on the cozy little chair in the store on Deer Park Avenue on long Island NY. I knew I wanted to be a part of this, I started with an application at 19yrs old and was hired that day! I Loved my job, my connection with my partners, my mentor and most of all the connection I had with our customers. Every two years I would get promoted. I went from barista, to shift supervisor and then assistant manager and from there I must have worked in many stores. finally, two years after that I got my own store. I LOVED MY JOB but subconsciously I wanted something more from Starbucks. There was a missing link that held me back from reaching my hearts fullest desire with Starbucks that I wouldn’t realize until years later.

Knowing I would be back for the long haul, I took a short break in between 2007 and 2013 to explore my more creative side by becoming an Assistant store manager for Pier 1 Imports. I wanted to learn more about how to be a designer/decorator and visual merchandiser. I oversaw managing the stores visual presentations along with assisting the store manager in day to day daily operations. Here is where I learned the more technical elements of visual merchandising when setting up and creating. I learned the basic rules of thumb. Small to large, left to right, light to dark and the two-finger rule to separate different skus. This really created a nice even flow and told a story.We also would connect with customers and listen to there ideas. This gave me the opportunity to make it truly personal.

I came up with creative ways to furnish and decorate their home. I loved that we had the freedom to help people decorate in ways that matched their personalities. From the simple Zen, minded customers to the more complex cultural inspired themes. Whatever their style and personality, I developed the know how to connect with them intuitively to Create in their homes their vision of what they had in mind. I LOVED TO CREATE! To create something from nothing and bring a vision to life in ways that strike the hearts of whomever I was creating for was the greatest thrill I knew.

Fast Forward a couple years later. to more progressive forms of creating I took an opportunity presented to me from one of my Pier 1 customers to work in the Home goods section of the Flagship store at TJMaxx in New York City This is where my experience with the Sirens eye set up, the Pier 1 basic rule of thumb designs and my ability to create without rules just all started to tie in together to take on my own Style . This is where I really connected with my creative abilities. I could completely freestyle whatever I wanted to create to tell any story I wanted to convey that week. I had over 400 photos of the displays ive done. I loved this.

I am now back at Starbucks and have been so for the past 4 years. I came back as a supervisor in New York City. I would stop in a local Starbucks on my way to work at Tjmaxx on 6ave and 18th avenue. Although I’m back, I can’t help but feel as if I haven’t yet fulfilled my destiny within our company…Looking back and remembering all my experiences in retail and management and what it was that made me the happiest revolves around the more creative aspects of these jobs.

What if I could take Starbucks culture and mix that with my passion, love and knowledge and bring it all together using my current skillset. I now have experience with innovated graphic design and branding execution. I will create what is relevant to our company and create innovative designs that help speed along execution of our vision by creating small-scale, large- scale and global design projects. I now can take that real-world Starbucks experience and combine that with the heart of who we are and what we do. I have the capability to take everything I’ve ever learned and get our message out there into the world with my skillset in communicating, agency creative and graphic design. I can apply my knowledge of business principles and practices from personal experience with Starbucks management and achieve successful outcomes in cross-functional projects and activities. I understand corporate branding, color theory, typography, layout and digital media.

I have expert knowledge of digital prepress and print production processes and advanced knowledge of graphics design software, including Adobe creative suite .I can effectively articulate design concepts visually and verbally with my expertise with typography, form and color sensibilities. I can navigate around UNCERTAINTY and consider multiple factors before making an end decision. I work independently and as part of a team. I have an open, constant and constructive dialogue with management and other members of our team. I understand business strategy and goals and how with the work of our partners contributes to our overall success. As a successful member of management at Starbucks in addition to my learned skillset in graphic design, I can work under pressure, able to multitask by working on several projects at once and still meet our deadlines. I can collaborate with our other learning and development peers, manage people, meet expectations, give necessary feedback and more.

By earning my degree in graphic design and becoming part of the graphic design team with starbucks. Ive discovered that this is the part of myself, that always felt like something was missing. With a Store on almost every corner, of every neighborhood, of every town in every state and country, we bring the story and moments that brings people together all over the world over a cup of coffee. By always making the moment right and Bringing warmth to the hearts of millions from the moment they walk through those doors, very much like mine when I first entered a Starbucks and became a barista.

From my personal experience with 13 years at Starbucks on many levels of mgmt. combined with that knowledge the real -world skills I’ve learned from graphic design such as advertising, intergration and branding,

In short I understand Color theory,

Typography and Page Layout,

graphic design from a production point of view,

with a thorough understanding of input/output techniques,

color theory,

and tools for graphic design and image and audio ,

knowledge on a variety of interactive forms, media types, programming languages, and organizational structures.

I understand how emerging technologies are shaping entertainment and media industries and how to always be ready for these ongoing changes in this fast moving field,

the ability to compose logical sentences and paragraphs in order to represent our starbucks brand ideas and create cohesion. refining topics, identifying who our audience is.

I have the ability to recognize, analyze, and value artistic expressions, functions, and effects.

I have a solid foundation in art and design, and am able to think critically about the visual arts, media, and architecture,

Understand college level mathematics, This helped with my monitoring and adjusting my stores needs through the P&L statements.

A valued understanding of composition, design, art, basic color, and graphics through a study of varied artistic styles and their sociological and psychological effects on us.

I understand the concept of storytelling and design, digital publishing ,

how to make logos and symbols,

basic camera operations,

creating brand experience across multi media platforms,

visual communications,

interactive media design and usability,

interactive editorial design,

The fundamentals of physical science,

graphic web design ,

media integration,

popular culture in media,

concepts in advertising,

how to work in a studio environment,

and experience in a digital studio.

advanced levels of graphics creation I gained using software programs,

I have advanced knowledge of digital color models and image-compositing technique. I

All of this and my strong passion to want to uphold our values to nurture the human spirit one cup, one person, one neighborhood at a time.

Destiny has been setting me up for this path all along and to start it here with a company that truly resonated within me on such a deep level and has set the standard for everything I do. I spent half of my life here at Starbucks and cannot think of a more qualified candidate to represent your brand. The Sirens eye through Cheryl’s eyes .

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