Teachers Brandon Mayer

Teachers are such a god-damned pain in the ass. They all think they're such smartasses, that they know every fact on the damn Earth, every-damned one of em too! They're all phonies. I've never met a single teacher who could admit they were wrong. Well except for maybe my old English teacher Mrs. Marly. She was actually pretty nice, talked to ya with at least a little respect and at least she didn't put me through hell with a buncha phony lectures every day. Anyway, the rest of em are a bunch of dirty morons of ya ask me. But the principal at Pencey, Dr. Thurmer, he finds some way to he more of an ass than any other teacher could dream of being. He is just such a phony, acts all nicey nice with his phony voice. He tries to make it seem like he cares, but he really couldn't give a damn about you or your education if he tried his ass off. He called me into his office this morning, “What do you want this time Thumper?” I said walking into the musty room. My God it always smelled so old and dirty in that room, felt like walkin into hell. But he immediately started with that phony tone, “Oh I see that you have been failing a few classes” he said kinda snarkily. “Yeah, what of it?” I had to respond. “We can't have you remain in this school if you don't apply yourself more” He remarked with a half assed polite attitude. He lectured me for the umpteenth time about applying myself in school before finally letting me out of that hellish cabin. He doesn't give a damn about me, no teacher ever does. Like I was sayin, they all think they everything, but really, they’re just all lousey morons.

(No offence Mr. Lazzari, just felt like this fit the character)

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