Lol... OMG Chapter 5

Title: Your life, Online

Your online choices are important!

Summary: This chapter explains how students are often careless about what they put online because of Superioty Bias, Ambiguity Effect, and Attribute Substitution. It explains how students don't realize who will see their content and how they are creating their own online reputation. It tells the reader how students' online audiences are bias because they put a disproportional amount of weight on the first, and any negative information they find about you, causing employers and schools to often decline applicants with a bad reputation online. Overall this chapter is about how your online reputation may impact your life through employment, graduate and undergraduate admissions and even your personal life.

My opinion on this chapter is that most students do posts lots of things online but I disagree with this chapter in the way that students don't consider who will see it and are careless. I think most students understand the idea that others can see their posts because they have been educated through classes like digital citizenship, or by their parents, or by even just reading this book would have educated them. So I think students are smarter than many people think when it comes to posting content online.

My favorite quote from this chapter: "As heavy users of social media with nearly constant internet access, students are among the most significant contributors to the internet" (33). I chose this quote because it highlights how students are important to, and can control the internet.

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