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Italy is one of the most visited places on earth because of it's beauty and its people and interesting places,food, education and landforms.

Clothing: In Italy women wear colorful clothing and detailed costumes. Their skirts are beaded and embroidered in detailed patterns and stitches and they also wear beautiful blouses. Most women wear top hats decorated with fruits and flowers. The men wear simpler and more traditional clothing. Their clothing is ususally embroidered metal buttons and pins. Back in the day peseants wore normal clothing for everyday activities. Ususally the clothing is made out of silk or velvet.

This is normal street style clothing in Italy for women.

Religion: in Italy people are usually are Roman Catholic. In Italy 🇮🇹 90% of people catholic. Some of Italy's traditions have become world wide. The statute or painting of christs baby started in Italy and has become worldwide. Italians enjoy displaying Christianity symbols. Crusifixes are commonly worn and placed in homes for decorations.

Languages: The main language is Italian. Obviously. People in Italy also speak Albanian, Bavarian, Croatian, French, German,Greek, are also all spoken. Lei is a way to start a conversation and it's formal. You have to be under 40 to say lei to an elder.

Jobs: some weird jobs in Italy are Swiss guards which are people that dress up in bright suits but their not to play with, they are there to protect and defend churches freedoms. There is also a cheese whisperer that tastes and feels the quality of cheeses. Experts are trained to tap on the outside of the cheese to see if it was structured/made properly. Another odd job is called Modena balsamic vinegar which is a person who tastes the quality of vinegar and makes sure it lives up to its high standards because if it doesn't people would waste hundreds of euros. The weirdest is the olive oil police. They are part of the governments efforts to try and find countering olive oil. These police are trained to sniff out the low quality of these counterfeit oils and with just a taste the police can find out whether the oil is real or several ones are mixed give information it a low quality.

The man on my the right is a olive oil police looking at olive oil that was exported to a different country while being imitated...

Government: Italy is leaded by a president who usually appoints a prime minister which is Paolo Genetioli. The seat of government is in Rome the capital. The president represents the nations unity and ensures the rules are followed by the people. A new president is elected every 7 years. The minimum age for a presidential candidate is 50 years old and the current president is Gigorio Neopolitano and has been running since 2006. People over the age of 18 may vote for the chamber of deputies.

This is italys prime minister.

Housing: In Italy the houses are all different in their own ways some are really historic in their architecture. Some styles of different housing are medieval, gothic, roman, etc. If you own your own house very little rules apply to doing what you want with them, but if it is a historic house the rules on redecorating, changing, etc. are very limited. One type of house is a palazzi story, this house ihas charisma and is majestic. Villages that are out of towns are ususally have big yards and there thick walled. Another house is a baite they commonly have wooden floors,stone fireplaces, their usually rented on the holidays but are also year round homes.

This are typical homes in Venice.

Education: free state education is only for resident in Italy. Children that start off school in Italy begin with nursery school. When kids are six they begin primary school where kids learn geography,Italian, English, science and math it lasts five years. Religious education is optional. Classes are usually filled with 10-25 kids. When children are 11 they start middle school. Kids attend at least 30 hours of formal lessons a week. When each "term" finishes kids have to turn in a report. After three years in middle school kids have to give an oral report in a different language. Classical high school lasts five years. Scientific, fine arts and teacher training schools all last 5 years. Professional institurpes last 3-5 years.

Climate: the weather always varies from the north to south of Italy. In the north between the alps and the Tuscan-Emillian Appenines there, winters are harsh and cold but in the summer there dry,hot and humid central Italy the climate is milder and with a smaller difference in temp between the winter and summer. The cold season is much different in the south than in the north.

Sports: the main sport in Italy is soccer, which is also called football in Europe. Italy's national soccer team has won 4 world cups, which is 2nd place behind Brazil who have 5 world cups. The last time Italy won a World Cup was in 2006 against 2006. Also winter sports are very common such as skiing, skating, in Italy and Europe. In 2006 Turin, Italy hosted the Winter Olympics because of their mountains. Cycling is also common. Every year Italy hosts "Giro d'Italia" AKA tour of Italy. Other sports include rugby, water polo, basketball, racing, tennis, volleyball.

This was Italy when the won their last World Cup in 2006.

Food: in Italy food is everything, there is everything ta to wine to fancy desserts. Some of their popular food is pasta with different types of sauces and veggies, cannoli bites, struffoli Christmas dessert, risotto, pizza, soups, meats, etc. Italian food is influenced by Italy's history and traditions. Italy really think about its quality of food and the seasons in which their ingredients are grown in. The structure of orders in restaurants is antipasto, primo,secondo, dessert.

This is a dessert cannoli filled with some sort of cream, dipped in chocolate on the ends, sprinkled with hazelnuts or peanuts and striped with chocolate.

The end!!😄🇮🇹


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