Meet Camila Age 9, Osteosarcoma

Camila dipped her brush in the palette, gliding it across a shimmery light blue shade.

On her lap, she balanced a bag overflowing with powders and creams.

Her sister, Madeline, closed her eyes, legs dangling over the arm of a plastic chair next to Camila’s wheelchair.

Like a painter, 9-year-old Camila colored her sister’s eyelid in gentle but swift strokes, softly blowing when too much dust collected in the corners of her sister’s eyes.

The two giggled.

A knock on the door halted the makeover. The doctor, a stethoscope slung over his neck, was here to check on Camila before she began her next round of chemotherapy.

“Want to listen to your sister’s heart?” he asked, Madeline, holding out the stethoscope. She grinned and nodded.

Camila’s aunt taught her how to apply blush to accentuate her cheekbones and eyeliner to brighten her eyes. But no one prepared Camila or her family on how to fight this.

“We didn’t want Camila to hear the news at that time, but the doctor said, ‘For this type of treatment, you gotta tell your daughter what she’s up against so that she can know how to battle this disease,” said Camila’s mom, Patricia.

Check back in September to read Camila's full story and learn how your support is life-changing and life-saving for children like her.

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