10 things I learned A place at the Table

1 in 6 Americans say they dont have enough to eat. Over a million have food insecuirty and eat what is "provided". Most of the families who cant afford meals, are bread, canned foods, and water/milk.

The relative price on fresh produce has gone up by 40% since 1985, while the relative price on processed food ( Chips, candy, crackers, cookies ) has gone down 40%. This was a reason many specific family groups such as Teen moms or single parents, cant afford to give their children healthy food choices and they spend more money on the processed foods, leaving the children at obesity at a young age.

Another reason its hard for families to eat healthy is because of the lack of stores. The towns that are located in backroads or are far out in the country have up to 3 grocery stores. Many of these stores don't provide fresh produce at all, which makes families have to drive up in town to there local farmers market for fresh food. Approximately 25.3 million americans live in " Food deserts", which are towns that do not provide enough or healthy food.

Many familes could barely get on food stamps because to be eligible, the income for a family of 3 could not exceed more than $24,000. It is hard for familes who have food stamps because back then, they could only last you 3 weeks and you were on a bugdet of 3$ dollars.

Many adolescence suffer from life threatening sicknesses due to hunger, bad diet, and no immediate treatment. Also, the lack of food a child gets can affect his or her performance at school. emotions, and causes them to lose focus.

The federal government has reinverced $2.68 on school lunches. Many schools cant provide nutritional school lunches because they seperate school funds with labor cost, administrative cost, custodians, and faculty. Overall, doesnt leave enough money for food. Many schools have between $.90 - $1.00 to spend on food.

Congress reauthorizes the Child Nutrition Act to better plans and make changes in school funding for school lunches. Overall, congress is in charge of meal plans, funding plans for families who are in need of food stamps.

Government has spent over $1.3 billion to cut taxes for the wealthy individuals, but congress passed the " Healthy HUnger Free Kids Act which amounted up to 4.5 billion dollars. They had to cut food stamps in order to only increase funds for kids up to 6 cents.

Many of the americans, even those who are employed in law enforcement still suffer from hunger. Food banks in communities offer food on low budgets or help out many families in need. Its beautiful thing because many come together to provide food for others who aren't healthy and let them know that it is ok to come to a food bank, Sometimes in life, you just need a little extra help and that is love.

Government overall has not reduced hunger, but has definetly made changes to the charity that is providing the foods. They subsitituted the snacks and unhealthy foods with more fiber enriched foods and healthy whole grain bread.

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