Homelessness bY:Taylor sims

Homeless isn't a choice for some people.

Homelessness doesn't happen to certain age or a certain person, their are different ages and different races and nationalities of people that are able to be homeless.

Some of them are homeless because, they are kicked out of their house or because of mental or health disabilities, and have no one to help them.

Or they are considered runaways, they choose to leave their family because they are being abused or neglected and are looking for a better place to live.

About 500,000 veterans experiencing homelessness, at some point of the year and only 20% of those are being helped leaving it at 400,000 with no helped.

But then you have the veterans who fought for our country, that are homeless because, their income taxes are below the federal poverty level, and they also have they a no help from anyone else other than they veterans affair that can only help a tiny bit of people.

Their has been a study that shows why each age group runs away.... in-between 12-17 are more at risk of homeless then adults. 75% are female runaways; and an estimate of the number pregnant homeless are in-between 6% and 22%. And in-between 20% and 40% of homeless: are gay lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or questioning.

Some of the effects of homeless is...... difficulty attending school due to the lack of required enrollment records; of immunization, medical records, and proof of residence, as well as lack of transportation.

The national concurrence of state legislature says, "forty percent of Africa American youth and 36 percent of Caucasian youth homeless who experience homelessness or life on the streets sold drugs, primarily marijuana, for money". (The National Concurrence of State Legislature)

Most but not all homeless sell drugs to get shelter, food, clothes, and just to meet basic needs of life.

Some of the states have adopted a variety of policies to combat youth while others give money for shelter and transitional housing, some also include counseling and outstretched service to those that are homeless and those in risk if becoming homeless.


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